The yogurt bubble

<p>We'll soon have 4 places in our main shopping area dedicated to frozen yogurt. To be fair, one is a full service ice cream place as well. But 3 are just froyo: 16 handles, Ice Berry and Yogurtland. All those are chains. </p>

<p>We survived the coffee bubble. At its peak, we had 11 coffee places. We're down to 2 dedicated to coffee - Peets and Starbucks - and 2 cafes serving food, one a Panera and the other local. Coffee is clearly a secondary consideration at Panera but the other cafe serves George Howell coffee. And there's Dunkin' Donuts for those who need both sugar and caffeine.* There are 2 more at the edge of the shopping area, one a new local which roasts its own, the other a Starbucks. That was a big bubble.</p>

<p>We had a low-end froyo bubble back in the TCBY days. The new stuff is of course more Pinkberry inspired and they all have the mix-in, weigh your own setup. We have a lot of kids in the area, but 4 seems too many. </p>

<p>Funny thing is we're down to one old-fashioned Townie bar. No bubble there. But it's an interesting age contrast between that and the newest place that serves scotch to 20 somethings.</p>

<p>*Back when you could smoke indoors, the Dunkins around uswere filled with 3-way addicts: sipping, chewing and puffing.</p>

<p>There are no frozen yogurt places in my town - but we have a bank branch bubble. I am always wondering who is doing all this in person banking?</p>

<p>When I read this the first time, the ad at the top was for Red Mango, a froyo place. How do they do that?</p>

<p>I love Red Mango.</p>

<p>My town has an invasion of bank branches and froyo shops. What I find particularly interesting is how similar they are. All of the froyo shops use organic milk and real fruit. They all have similar models.</p>

<p>But IMO this is better than the cupcake craze.</p>

<p>Does Robeks even serve frozen yogurt anymore? They had the froyo with toppings model before it became popular.</p>

<p>We have a nail salon bubble…</p>

<p>Just had a medium sized half chocolate— half pomegranate frozen yogurt. </p>

<p>It was good.</p>

<p>I don’t see multiple frozen yogurt shops in the same shopping malls around here…</p>

<p>Way more places to get coffee.</p>

<p>No frozen yogurt places here that I know of.</p>

<p>We probably have at least a dozen froyo places within 10 miles of here. D loves to go to them with her friends. Seems to be quite popular with high school and college kids. I’ve only been once. It was a Red Mango. Yummy!</p>

<p>We have just one or two frozen yogurt places in my town, but probably 30 banks and 30 pizza parlors.</p>

<p>Ditto on the nail salons…get 50 sq ft of space and in goes a nail salon - doesn’t matter that there is another one 20 yards to the south. </p>

<p>What I dont understand are all the mattress stores… They are about as prevalent as nail salons in our area but the financial outlay is very different. Exactly how many mattresses and how often do people buy them?</p>

<p>ThreeofThree - Well, we have select comfort air beds. We have had them for years. So I don’t plan on ever buying a mattress again:)</p>

<p>Bank branches, nail salons, froyo, real estate offices … and now it seems, pet shops.</p>


<p>Nail salons, coffee shops, artisan breweries, high end burger joints, medical marijuana dispensaries.</p>

<p>I have been predicting the froyo bubble will burst for about 6 months now - I have near me 4-5 different froyo places - a new one that was scheduled to open in the fall never did - so I predict the craze is on its way out. 16 handles is my favorite of the bunch!</p>



<p>It’s called interest based ads :smiley: The power of Google, cookies, your search phrases and keywords on the page.</p>

<p>Mine is still [Commercial</a> Diving, Underwater Welding School | Divers Institute](<a href=“]Commercial”></p>

<p>TCBY is gone already (it’s bubble burst). There’s a Peachwave on one end of town and a Cherry Berry at the other. All in all, Cherry Berry is better, but Peachwave occassionally offers “plain” frozen yogurt (my favorite). </p>

<p>I don’t want to see the bubble burst. Love me some froyo.</p>

<p>A long time ago there was a Seinfeld episode about fro yo and the product still exists. I think fro yo lovers are ok.</p>

<p>Our little town has 4 yogurt places and 3 other ice cream places.</p>

<p>I’ve tried and loved them all EXCEPT the place called CUPS.
Don’t know if this is a chain…I certainly don’t need to see the server’s ‘cups’ as she’s scooping my yougurt!</p>