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<p>Hey everyone! I have been a silent observer of this board for a little while now and I must say that the content is GREAT! I have been desperately searching the web TRYING to find which schools are the best for theater and I had very little success. Then a girl on LJ's Broadway community sends me this link and BAM I have more information in 5 minutes then 4 long days of internet search engines provided me :) However, most of the discussions on this board are about students coming straight out of highschool. I was wondering if anyone had more information about transfer students. I would really like more information on some respectable BFA programs (on the east coast or midwest if possible) and how selective they are with transfers...I know a lot of colleges let in even FEWER transfers than incoming highschools students so....The MT thread has a part I really loved - the FAQ ( <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;) and I wish there was something like it for the straight theater part. I love MT but I'm not interested in pursuing it so...So basically I'm just looking into information about which schools have the best BFA programs (preferably selective or semiselective programs), any info about transfers in those programs...I really want to get into a BFA at a place that is respected and known by people in the business and a place where I'll be pushed as an actress! :) If you have ANY info for me I'd appreciate it TONS!!! Thanks! :)</p>


<p>Many BFA programs will not let you transfer in as a sophomore/junior because of the program's curriculum. For instance, I know a student who went to a JC for 2 years (theater major) and had to transfer into USC's BA acting program instead of the BFA program because he didn't want to start over as a Freshman. </p>

<p>Have you thought about doing a BA in theater and then going on to graduate school in theater? That way you won't lose out on the time/credits you have put into your education so far. With a Masters you would then have the credentials to teach college level theater if you ever wanted to .</p>

<p>Well actually I am not in a theater program right now (tho I have continued to keep active in theater) and I fully plan to start from stratch - Plus, I plan to double major hopefully. So as far as that goes I am okay with starting over....if that helps - and i would do a BA program as long as it was good!</p>


<p>Some BFA acting majors find it hard to double major. Not that it isn't done, but getting the classes you need for your double major to fit into your BFA schedule can sometimes be difficult. Make sure you ask questions about how hard it is to fit classes into your schedule when you visit colleges. Have someone show you examples using the undergrad catalogue. </p>

<p>We had an experience where a school told my S that it was possible to double major, (math and music) and the reality was after he enrolled that it was impossible to get the schedule to work out. Very disappointing and he ended up transfering after his freshman year.</p>

Here's a list of the selective to highly selective east coast/midwest BFA programs I know about:</p>

North Carolina School of the Arts
Purchase College
Carnegie Mellon
NYU, Tisch
Florida State
Southern Methodist
University of Evansville
Cincinnati Conservatory
University of Michigan
Boston University
University of Miami
Penn State

<p>I have no idea which ones accept transfers. The only one I know of that encourages double majors is NYU. Hope this helps.</p>


<p>This is a response to a question similiar to yours on the NYU Admissions FAQ bulletin board. I hope it helps.</p>

<p>"Students are eligible to apply for tranfer admission after they have completed their first year of college, and ideally before their third year of college. The Tisch School of the Arts has a two year residency requirement for all transfer students."</p>


<p>I just posted a response on the Theatre/Drama thread. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.</p>

<p>Thank you all SOOO much! You have no idea how much you guys have helped me!!! </p>

<p>WCT - would you mind sharing what college your S attended? Just so I don;t make the same mistake!!! :) THANKS SO MUCH!!</p>

<p>You have already gotten excellent advice.</p>

<p>While I don't know who would accept transfers into a BFA program, I know the sister of my daughter's friend (friend is currently a freshman at Tisch for drama) was a student at Tufts University in theater (BA) and transferred into Tisch for drama as a junior I believe. So, I gather it can be done there. </p>