Theater Major at University of Notre Dame

Hi I’m a senior who wants to double major with Theatre, and I’m interested in applying to Notre Dame. The university is consistently ranked highly for its Drama and Theatre Arts, yet I can’t find any student testimonials or reviews on the program. I know that theatre is included in the Film, Television, and Theatre major, but I’m only able to find information on the other two disciplines?
Would appreciate any perspective people have on the theatre concentration. Also, assuming that it’s a small program, what attributes contribute to its national ranking?

Thanks very much!!

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Hi @Ealana - I will ask my DS if he knows in theater majors. He is a dual major in Accounting and Music.

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Thank you!

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My daughter is currently a Senior at ND. She is an FTT (Film, Television, Theatre) major and raves about the program. She entered as a Chemistry major, but fell in love with these disciplines. She is most focused on film and television, but has taken some theater courses and is active with the improv group on campus. She has a supplemental major, but FTT is her main focus.

I apologize I can personally speak to the strength of the theatre program, but I do know the Debartolo Performing Arts Center is top notch and (in normal times) pulls in some very interesting programs:

Additionally, you might not be aware that Notre Dame has a very interesting Shakespeare program: There is normally a Shakespeare festival.

Finally, I can tell you that Taylor Swifts brother graduated from ND and was in several plays. His loving sister game to his performances and is now a big ND fan. This probably means nothing, but figured you might find it a “fun fact”!

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Hi IvegotFour, thank you so much for the information!