Theatre performance opportunities

<p>Hi, I am applying as a transfer and was wondering if anyone could tell me about the theatre performance opportunities, whether within the theatre department, or extracurricularly. I am particularly interested in musical theatre, but I love straight acting too. Is it highly competitive/political? I love Barnard so much, so any insight you could give me would be great!</p>

<p>Sorry, I am a mom so have no direct experience, obviously. My d's new suitemate actually was in a Columbia Mus Theatre production of Wicked last semester (the wicked witch, I believe) which according to my d was very good. I believe they do one big musical production per semester (someone help me here!) and I am pretty sure there are straight plays produced in different venues throughout the smester as well. Check the events calendars on the Theater major website and see what they say as well.</p>

<p>Of course, you can also attend open auditions for things in the city...from regional theaters all the way up to Broadway. My d has done this and has actually gotten a job during the summer at a regional theater as a result. She also just loves attending auditions where she gets to do cool dancing and, since she really does not NEED a job, she does not stress out about it a lot, which makes it even more fun for her.</p>

<p>Hope this helps a little....</p>

<p>churchmusicmom, what your daughter did is my dream. I love acting, but I don't want to be an actress, so landing a part from a worry-free audition sounds like the best time for me, just as a fun little adventure. :sigh:</p>

<p>So, check the job listings frequently at They post many audition opportunities there and it's free. There are other more complete listings available but you must pay to join those services, and my d has not wanted to spend that money since she is not planning to make a career of performing. She is what you would call a dancer who sings and her love is musical theater, so she attends those auditions calling for dancers. </p>

<p>You can also go and sign in for an equity call, knowing of course that they might not see you. You must plan to wait around a long time. I am not sure how often you would be seen for a "legit" work (verses musical theatre/dance call) as my d has never done that. </p>

<p>Broadway shows she has auditioned for include A Chorus Line (LOVES it!! and stayed a long time...even sang for them...yikes!), Wicked (got cut but enjoyed the very challenging combination), and The Producers (this was an Equity call...she got cut). She got her summer job at the Fulton Opera House in Lancaster, PA doing Crazy for You through a NYC audition and had a blast doing it! She also has auditioned for Rockettes and will do that again...she has gotten farther each time. She is quite tall, so many shows are not going to hire her.</p>

<p>Again, as a mom, I am relieved that she is not making this her career. She is a neuroscience major but has danced all her life and loves musical theatre. Her mental set for auditions is "If for some crazy reason I make it, I will figure it out and enjoy the dream for a time; if not, I am very happy having tried it and continuing my great education at Barnard!". It's a huge reason why Barnard is such a great place for her...</p>

<p>If you definitely want to major in/focus on theatre, the theatre programs at places like BU, Cornell, USC, or Tisch are definitely stronger. However, for a liberal arts college we have a strong theatre department and a very active extracurricular performing arts scene on campus. Overall, it's a great place for those interested in performing arts who arent sure if they want to major in it, or who also want to pursue other studies.</p>

<p>In general, the acting and theatre classes are not that hard to get into although you do have to audition for some of them. </p>

<p>Getting into plays is not very political and there are tons of performances on campus run by students. I have multiple friends who are freshmen, and have landed big roles in high-profile plays on campus.</p>

<p>Along these lines, another question for those at Barnard...</p>

<p>Does anyone know anything about stage tech opportunities at Barnard? I don't want to major in stagecraft or anything but it is a passion of mine that I'd like to continue in college...</p>

<p>haha, wow actress100, i think we might be twins. haha, i'm a musical theater person applying to barnard as a transfer. i can't beleive they did Wicked- thats sweet. would love to attend- doubt i'll get in though. let me know how things turn out for you.</p>

<p>Can anyone here comment on the acting CLASSES at Barnard? How are the professors? Is the program more theoretical or practical? is there a decently sized theater community on campus?