Thematic option letter in the mail

<p>Hey everyone. I got a letter today in the mail inviting me to apply for the thematic option honors program at USC. Anyone else get this? And if so, does anyone know what exactly the program consists of and how hard it really is? I went on their website and read the brochure they sent and I am very interested in it but I don't want to be overwhelmed academically during my first couple years at USC. Thanks</p>

<p>i think its just the first year. i've heard it's very writing/reading intensive, but you also learn a lot and grow a lot. i think if you're good enough to get invited, you can handle it. someone also told that they tend to give A's easily because you are so challenged... i think they figure if you're learning and doing well you deserve it. this could be an utter fabrication though, i have no proof whatsoever.</p>

<p>Search for Thematic Option in the search area. You will find all of the answers you need.</p>