Themed living?

<p>This board has been kind of quiet. Any current students want to weigh in on the advantages/disadvantages of doing one of the living/learning or themed living options for freshmen? Anyone thinking of applying?</p>

<p>I've lived in the Greenhouse Residential Learning Community the last two years, and it's probably been my favorite part about UVM. It develops a great community and offers cool environmental events, and some great celebrations with lots of local food and great music. All students in this dorm need to take a one-credit class that is not too time-consumptive or difficult. One negative aspect is that a lot of students apply to this housing because it is the newest dorm on campus, and really couldn't care less about the environment</p>

<p>My daughter is hoping to live in the Green House, she just applied to the Aiken Scholars program. Are the residents mostly freshmen and sophomores? I think the Scholars all live in the same place, do they live with scholars from the previous years, or is it just freshmen? I have heard from others that it is a good community.</p>