Theory about why STEM majors scoff at Social Science/Humanities majors

It’s a well worn trope/meme that STEM majors hold Social Science and Humanities majors in contempt. My pet theory: STEM people are asking questions with definitive, verifiable answers. The fact the SS/H folks are asking more open ended questions with no “correct” answer frustrates them.

Am I off-base here? Does the theory hold water?

I guess if you’re assuming you know what other people think, you might as well assume you know why.

So, sure.

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@RichInPitt are you disagreeing that the attitude I describe exists?

No. The reason is that the majority of STEM people can do well in humanities and social sciences but the converse isn’t true. Some fields in STEM are just incredibly hard. For example, vast majority of physics PhD’s don’t fully understand the quantum theories.


I was not aware that STEM majors hold Humanities majors in contempt. Must be the crowd you run with because I never experienced that.

The world would be a much better place if we ditch stereotypes. Such negativity runs counter to College Confidential’s mission, so closing thread.

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