Therapeutic boarding school - how to handle in application

<p>My son was making some very poor life choices, so we enrolled him in a therapeutic boarding school for part of his senior year. He has impressive SAT (approx. 2200) and PSAT scores (approx. 230), and a 4.0 weighted GPA (which is lower than expected based on SAT and PSAT scores). He is drastically improving at the therapeutic boarding school and plans to graduate from his home school. The Common Application asks applicants to indicate "if you have attended any other secondary schools since ninth grade". </p>

<p>He therefore needs to indicate his therapeutic boarding school attendance in his application. </p>

<p>Should he address this in one of his application essays, and if so, how? He does not want to call attention to this, yet he may need to explain his unusual transcript, the disconnect between his grades and standardized test scores and his attendance at a therapeutic boarding school. What should he do?</p>

<p>We've friends whose daughter also attended a therapeutic boarding school for two final years of high school due to behavioral/substance abuse issues. She did a "superior senior year" at TBS, as I recall. She's presently enrolled in a well-regarded Midwest LAC and doing fine. I'd be honest about experience and write a supplemental essay commentary, and obviously school will be identified in transcript too. I'd also be very honest with oneself whether the student is ready for wide-open freedom of resident college experience.</p>

<p>Have you discussed this with the people at his TBS? They are likely to have useful ideas for you.</p>

<p>suggest you also try posting your thread on the Prep School Parents board. Parents there are very supportive
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