There is hope for us all!

<p>Dick Van Dyke, 86, marries makeup artist, 40</p>

<p>TODAY</a> Entertainment - Dick Van Dyke, 86, marries makeup artist, 40</p>

<p>Do you mean there is still hope that all of the 40 year olds can still nab a rich husband? (J/K, in case internet humor isn’t obvious)</p>

<p>^I decided to leave it open-ended…It’s a Rorschach joke–what you find funny in this situation may be a reflection of who you are…</p>

<p>Ah yes, the old inkblot joke, where a patient identifies every inkblot as a naked woman. The doctor finishes and says “I believe you have a fixation”. The patient exclaims "Me !? You’re the guy with the dirty pictures! "</p>

<p>Does the poor make-up artist realize her new hubby could live another twenty years? She will be sixty and the money could all be gone on nursing and medical costs. </p>

<p>The saddest part is that 86 year old grooms are clueless as to their feebleness, and believe they can regain a semblance of youth through their granddaughter-aged chicas.</p>

<p>NOOOOO!! She wants him for his body.</p>

<p>I went to elementary school with one of his kids. He was doing the Dick Van Dyke show. He told very g rated jokes at the 6th grade lunch. He was a nice man.</p>

<p>But seriously…even though I live in an area where this isn’t “weird”, save for the obvious…he kids are younger than she is.</p>

<p>…but then again his last serious (publicized) relationship was with Michele Triola Marvin.</p>

<p>What hope can I gather from this ? I am at a loss what this means for us all .</p>

<p>Wait! He’s not still married to Laura Petrie?</p>

<p>The censors have become more progressive. The last time I tried to post something in this board, the end of his name was ****</p>

<p>^^ Haha, NJres, I was just thinking the same thing, especially since I happened to catch an episode while I was on the treadmill today. I don’t remember when the last time I saw one was, so it’s ironic (or maybe someone’s idea of being funny given the news?!) that they happened to be playing the episode where Dick’s uncle falls for Sally instead of the Sally’s BF’s older mother. The uncle is sad when he realizes everyone’s just been humoring him and that Sally is not interested in a man his age. </p>

<p>But some people are just ageless and timeless and I’d put DVD in that category. Hope they have some very happy years together.</p>

<p>Ewww…really, ewww</p>