There were 2 completely different tests today!

<p>What the hell!</p>

<p>One had a writing experimental....but also had a question about chairs that the other didn't have.
The other had a CR experimental...but also had a question about average speed that the other didn't have.</p>

<p>Have they ever made 2 completely different tests before?</p>

<p>Yeah... there were. I didn't get any Chair question???</p>

<p>So we'll never know which sections were experimental! Ah!</p>

<p>NO chair question here either</p>

<p>I'm positive that if you got an extra writing section, that it's your experimental and everything else counted .. you cannot have more than 1 experimental</p>

<p>I got the chair question. I hope that section was real cause I owned it.</p>

<p>I had a CR experimental, but I had the chair question. o_O Odd.</p>

<p>I didn't have a chair question.</p>

<p>I have extended time, which doesn't have an experimental section, and I had the question about the chairs.</p>

<p>snappleyum - did you only have 9 sections?</p>

<p>that pretty much seals it.</p>

<p>yes there were only 9 sections</p>

<p>I had extra writing and no chairs.</p>

<p> this makes NO SENSE.</p>

<p>It seems like everyone had a different test.</p>

<p>no.. everyone had a "chair question"
same situation.. the girl, kids in the class, rows and desks.. but one version asked "how many different ways can the teacher arrange the kids?" and some versions asked "what is the probability that marta will be in the last row" so thats why everyones confused.</p>

<p>PS I HOPE TO GOD THAT I HAD AN EXPERIMENTAL CR.. because that one about the poems and translations into modern day language... threw me for a ****ing loop!</p>

<p>Nah sorry i had NOTHING with chairs. At all.</p>

<p>me neither</p>

<p>i didn't either
4 math
3 CR
3 Writing (w/ essay)</p>

<p>Yeah no chairs at all. 4W, 3 CR, 3M</p>

<p>Experimental writing with the spd problem in math. BTW, does anybody know whether the 1st or the 2nd writing section was experimental?</p>

<p>3 Math
4 CR
3 Writing</p>

<p>good ol collegeboard.. always switchin it up</p>