these amazing stories about everyday heroes will make you smile and weep

25 Everyday Heroes We Could All Learn From

Thx. So many nice stories. I remember seeing the full story about the backpacks.

Here’s a bit more about hero #25:

Thank you.

This WaPo story made my morning:

I know the wonderful woman in the airplane story. So exciting that resources will be going to her school. So glad you posted it here!

There really are MANY wonderful people in the world, including the 10,000 strangers to banded together to save those 12 boys and coach in the cave in Thailand. I’m glad that some of these folks are getting a little help. :wink:

Here’s another article about some:

When I had an infant and toddler and we were visiting New Orleans, H was helping me and between us and getting the little ones on and off the street car, somehow we left my waistpackvwith my wallet and my CCards and cash on the street car. Someone kindly called our hotel room while we were settling the kids and asked if we misplaced my waistpack (that we hadn’t yet missed). They also said they were leaving it at the front desk and refused to ID themselves and any talk of a reward. They just said, “pay it forward.” They were my heroes!

Our D attended several birthday parties where the only gifts requested were backpacks and school supplies to donate to kids in need.

There is a Project Dana that helps match volunteers to those who need their services in our city. It was started by a volunteer and has helped many.