These are so annoying, but I'll do it anyway.

<p>Haha, I'd like my chances for the following colleges, please :)</p>

<p>Syracuse University
Ithaca College*
University of New England (if you know about it)</p>

<p>High school junior
2.6 unweighted GPA (this my weakness. it's been going up lately, though, so I expect a 2.7 by the end of jr. year, at least)
Right now, 34th in class of 184 (yuck)
One AP, 8+ honors classes (not counting next year's schedule. next year includes 4 APs, two languages, one honors)
7 foreign language credits, all A's, two B's
1750 on PSATs, likely 1850+ on SATs
Secretary of Key Club, 2-year member (likely next year V.P.)
Webmaster of debate team (likely V.P. again)
Founding member of Gay-Straight Alliance
Dedicated member of the drama dpt. - every day after school, several parts in plays
3-year member track and field team, (likely next year captain)
Varsity certamen (competitive national Latin game) two years
Magna Cum Laude on National Latin Exam
Several awards for Latin testing at conventions
MANY volunteer activities -
AIDS walk
Every Saturday at food bank for a year
March of Dimes Walk for Babies, 3 years
Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, three years</p>

<p>There's more, but I can't even think of them.</p>

<p>Honest chances would be appreciated. And keep in mind, I can only improve from here, ha.</p>


<p>Any chances would be good, por favor.</p>

<p>i think you'll be fine..tho syracuse is a reach. idk about uni of new england but u mite get in to ithaca. good luck</p>