These are the most educated cities in the US in 2020

"The most educated city in the U.S. is in Michigan, according to one report.

Earlier this week, WalletHub published a report that found the most educated cities in the U.S., and Ann Arbor, Michigan, was at the top of the list.

Ann Arbor is the home of several universities, most famously the University of Michigan.

For its calculation, the personal finance website looked at the 150 most populated metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) in the U.S. and analyzed them based on 11 measurements within two categories: “Educational Attainment” and ‘Quality of Education and Attainment Gap.’"

Go Blue! Totally not surprised. :wink:


2 is my neck of the woods. I may be bringing down the curve here though. ?‍♂️

Calling people that went to Michigan educated is really stretching the definition of educated. On Wisconsin!

A bit surprised that Wash DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland region was not at the top of the list.

“Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV” was #3.

Thank you. I did see the list.

This is the primary reason that the University of Michigan has become the most interesting school in the nation to me. Lots of young, intelligent, educated folks.

But, with respect to the working world, Wash DC & NOVA & Md. have the sharpest folks in the nation in my experience.

The people of Columbus, OH fully endorse this statement.

But in all seriousness, there is something wrong with their methodology, if Peoria, IL is on the list, but Urbana, IL, is not

The WalletHub page says that they used the 150 largest metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs).

Looks like (by population) Peoria is #135 and Ann Arbor is #147, while Champaign-Urbana is #202.

Since Ann Arbor is relatively small (among the included MSAs) but with a big university, it is not surprising that it does well on the measures based on percentage of population over age 25 with various levels of education.

@ucbalumnus Makes sense.

I only care about football rankings.

I can’t link the original wallet hub article, but google it. It also shows least educated, as well as biggest gender gaps and other interesting stats.

It’s nearly all college towns and college cities. Lol.

The most degrees per capita is not necessarily the most educated. Or the most intelligent. Or the most tolerant. Or the most artistic. Or the most livable. Or the safest. Or the most anything really.

They are nice places for sure.

Well said Private Banker.

I’d add also not the “most common sense”. Sometimes those with degrees, are most “elitist” as in look down at those without degrees. :neutral:

Perhaps a UM grad chose the 150 cutoff, with Ann Arbor conveniently at 147.

Go to 200, you have Lafayette/West Lafayette with a fellow Big 10 of nearly the same size in terms of students and faculty, but barely 60% the population.

Go further down, you have 1/2 size Cornell in an MSA less than 1/3 Ann Arbor, Morgantown/U, or State College, PA - 90,000 students, MSA of 162,000}

@RichInPitt any good researcher knows that it is important to pick the data that supports your conclusion.

I just read the comments that readers at have posted below the article cited by the OP, and it’s clear that sometimes people without degrees look down at people with them (and look down at colleges as well).

It’s really sad that so many American consider education a bad thing. Makes me sad about my country, and discouraged about its future.

Yup ???

Yes, 200 is obviously the correct cutoff.

(Boiler Up!)

Two areas in which I’ve lived (Seattle and Boston) are in the top 10, so it must be accurate.