These are the only books I have for SAT prep, how do i utilize them through summer?

<p>Hey guys, I got back my scores from the June SAT and am not completely satisfied with them. I have the following books because my parents want to study for the SATs during the summer, the problem is: I have no idea how to use them effectively?</p>

<p>The books i have:
Direct Hits Volumes 1 and 2
Grubbers Complete SAT
Princeton Review SAT
Blue Book 1st edition
CollegeBoard Online Course </p>

<p>Could someone just help me out on how I should plan my SAT attack? My goal is to get above a 650 in CR and Writing and above a 700 in Math (on the June SAT i got 610 CR, 680 Math, 620 Writing w/ 10 essay)</p>

<p>here's what i'm doing (I have RR, Barrons writing wkbk, and SAT 2400 Barrons)
Go through 3 books at a time, like I'm going through Direct Hits (everyday), RR, and 2400.I'm done with Math gruber's (FINALLY) and the writing wkbk (which kinda sucks. sparknotes is better).
Take 3-4 sections per day and take 1 full test 1 day/week. I prefer weekends, but its totes up to you.</p>

<p>Should I be reading RR, Direct Hits, and Math Gruber's before I tackle the sections? I'm not sure how I would read and do the practice sections if I'm learning new strategies from these prep books?</p>

<p>Direct Hits does not take long to get through. (You could actually get through them in a day or two.) I made good use of the books by making flashing cards of the words I did not know, and studying them every once in a while (and just make sure that you've mastered all the words at least a day before you take the exam.) </p>

<p>With your online course, since your subscription expires after awhile, I would suggest doing most of those tests first. Other than that though, your priority should be with the Blue Book. You should at least get through one test a week in that book. Make sure to go over the answers, and make sure that you time yourself. </p>

<p>Sorry, I don't have any of those other books, but I assume just use them for their practice tests. The main key to this exam is practice. That is actually more material than you need in my opinion, but if you do end up getting through all of them then you should probably aim a little higher than your current goal. A summer's worth of studying should hopefully at least help you break 2100.</p>

<p>neekzg, do you know how long after you subscribe to the online course it expires?</p>


<p>4 months I believe. You can, however, buy a $10 dollar subscription code from sellers on ebay rather than pay CB's exorbitant $70 fee.</p>

<p>^If that's true then I would do that. I honestly don't think $70 is worth it. I think he might already have the course though. The practice tests can come in the form of PDF files, so if you find that you haven't made full use of the course before the end of your subscription, just save those files. Saving the answers to the tests requires that you go through each section and paste it onto Microsoft Word (which was an unbelievably laggy experience for me.) and it lasts for about 4 months, you should find the exact expiration date whenever you log-in to the course.</p>