These stats fit with which colleges...?

Big boy SAT: 2170 (680CR, 760M, 730W) bleh, I am really not going to sit down and take this again
SAT IIs: 730 Chem, 740 Bio, 780 Math II
PSAT: 209
ACT: finding out soon! hoping for at least a 32+/33+
Unweighted GPA: 94.59/100, I definitely know my junior year grades will bump it up to 95/95+</p>

Freshman year load:
-Honors biology
-Honors geometry
-Regular english (no honors offered)
-Regular world history (AP offered, didn't take because I was already in two honors classes and I wasn't allowed to take that and the AP World Class)
-Latin I</p>

<p>Sophomore year load:
-Honors physics
-Honors trigonometry
-Honors english
-Regular world history (part II)
-Latin II
-Intel Research class</p>

<p>Junior year load:
-AP Chem
-Honors precalculus
-AP English Composition
-Intel Research class
-Latin III
-Yearbook </p>

<p>Senior year load:
-AP Bio
-AP Calc BC
-AP Literature
-AP Gov't
-AP Latin
-Intel Research class</p>

<p>Recommendations: getting one from my Latin teacher (went to Barnard) and one from my biology/Intel teacher, both are excellent writers and both have known me for all my years at high school</p>

-Piano since 2nd grade, going to send in a tape of my past two concerts
-co-founder of Photography club at my school
-Photography editor of the yearbook (would it be too much to perhaps send in some of my works?)
-Latin club since freshman year
-National Honor Society
-doing my Intel project at Mt. Sinai on stem cells, been working there since summer before junior year
-going to volunteer/intern with a surgeon at my dad's hospital</p>

Intended Major: Biology
State: New York
School Type: very competitive nationally recognized school, 700+ kids in our grade, public
Ethnicity: African-American
Gender: Female
Income: $150,000-$200,000</p>

-two Magna Cum Laudes in the National Latin Exam (2008, 2009)
-one Maxima Cum Laude in the National Latin Exam (2010)
-second place winner of a nationwide story writing contest (a mythology story, 2009)
-National Merit Commended (definitely not getting Semi...)
-most likely National Achievement, but haven't heard from them yet</p>

<p>So if you guys saw these stats, what schools would you most recommend for me? I am aiming for places like Yale, Columbia & NYU, but I would also like to know what other schools I should think about with these stats.</p>


<p>I think you are very competitive for all those school! I would say a raised SAT would help a fair amount, but, you're okay without it.</p>

<p>Yale - Reach for everyone
Columbia - Reach for everyone.
NYU - Match.</p>

<p>State: New York
School Type: very competitive nationally recognized school, 700+ kids in our grade, public</p>

<p>stuyvesant? bronx sci?</p>

<p>anyway, your stats would be competitive at most any college, but you could stand a chance at most of the "Lower ivies" (Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth) and then the CC Top Universities/Liberal Arts Colleges list.</p>

<p>You could have put "African-American" at the top so I could stop there and say Harvard without reading the rest.</p>

<p>^ Harvard is still a reach (<10% select rate and CR level below the 25%ile).</p>

<p>Look at Denison, Kenyon.</p>

<p>What about costs? Can your family afford the full cost to attend a private school at >$50K/year? With an income of $150,000-$200,000 you are unlikely to qualify for much if any need-based aid. The Ivies generally do not grant merit scholarships, either.</p>

<p>NYU's probably a sure bet. You also may want to check out University of Michigan, University of Southern California, Emory, Rice, Wash U in St. Louis, and Tufts, to name a few. Your stats are on-par with a lot of their applicants.</p>