they ALREADY SENT my transcripts and recommendation!

My guidance counselor sent my transcript and recommendation today. I have not submitted the application yet! What can I do???

<p>I would say not to worry about it...i had the same problem with one recommendation that was sent weeks ago...i only sent my app in saturday...i think we're in the same boat, but i think all will be well</p>

<p>Not a problem for most schools. It is generally a good idea to send in a supplement before anything else because it allows them to begin tracking all of your stuff. The full app can still be postmarked on the due date and get matched up with all of your stuff because everything uses your SSN.</p>

<p>It shouldn't cause a problem. The college will open a file for you, and will await the other info. Often things like recommendations and scores get to the colleges before the rest of the application gets there.</p>

<p>Yeah, my counselor said that the college just opens a file and waits for the rest of your stuff. Just be glad your school sent everything--it means that it'll be there on time for sure and you can just focus on getting YOUR parts done.</p>