They say that you can't apply ed elsewhere while applying ea to BC????

<p>I was planning on applying EA to BC and then ED somewhere else. I just read on their website that you "may not" do that. Is it true?? Does everyone follow that guideline?? Help please.</p>

<p>Yes, everyone follows that guideline. </p>

<p>You can apply to other Early Action schools with BC, but you can't apply to an ED school with an EA school.</p>

<p>HUH. they changed that policy from last year.</p>

<p>I had a friend apply Early Decision to CORNELL and Early Action to BOSTON COLLEGE and received CLEARANCE and ADMISSION to both. </p>

<p>yessirr. Good luck with your APPS.</p>

<p>just goes to show that you should check the website rather than rely upon your GC at your hs.</p>

<p>mine just got done telling my father--no problem, you can EA at BC and ED elsewhere.</p>

<p>private school. lots of tuition money. you get what you pay for, right?</p>