Thing i can do to boost my gpa up?

<p>i completely bombed my junior year by wasting my valuable time on useless things and on electives that i don't like. I have realized my full potential and i know when i go past my limits after this year. Anyways the problem is i am doing horrible in Precalc</p>

<p>i got 1st quarter: b+ 2nd quarter: b midterm: F(fml) 3rd Quarter: C+(bombed the first quiz of the quarter cause i was really ****ed of from my failing midterm. 4th quarter i am looking at an a-/a.
i did something similar in english by pulling all B+s but getting a D first quarter and i pulled C's throughout AP psych but so did 95% of the class lmao....</p>

<p>my gpa has dropped alot cause of this and i really want to up my gpa asap.
I am scheduling an appointment 2mrw with my guidance counselor so she can help me out but chances are she won't help me out much(i feel like she hates me lmao). anyways guys i was wondering what options i have atm? someone suggested to me to retake precalc over the summer which i probably will most def do. what do u guys suggest i do for english and ap psych. both of those teachers hate me also now...</p>

<p>see if you can get certain classes erased from transcript</p>

<p>get straight A's next year</p>

<p>retake any classes you can and get an A</p>

<p>I mean seriously you need to hit the books and hit them hard so you can get into the college of your choice, this is not fun and games you are not only competing nationwide, you are competing against students from every country of the world.</p>

<p>You can do this with determination and focus but it is up to you. </p>

<p>STRAIGHT A's or DIE -- my policy =] ( well pre-senioritis)</p>

<p>As far as advice goes, im not to sure if i can help you there. But i face a similar situation as you.</p>

<p>So im a junior, and i got mostly B's and A's first quarter. Then came 2nd quarter where i got 2 C's (Trig and AP Bio) with the rest being B's. 3rd Quarter 2 C's again (Trig and AP English Lang) and more B's. I have tried so hard to bring up my grades and so far i know that i have at least 2 A's this quarter and no C's (crosses fingers). </p>

<p>Next year i plan to take 5 AP classes (Physics, Calc AB, Micro/Macro, English Lit., and Art History) and i am trying to see if i can fit in AP Comp Sci. I've woken up from the my lull in Junior year, and have repeatedly told myself that im going to get rid of those bad "junior habits" and get nothin but A's next year.</p>

<p>So i guess what im tryna say is, there are other people out there that have gone through what you have gone through and to just keep pushing forward.
message me if you want to know more.</p>

<p>(i hope i still have a chance to be Valedictorian)</p>

<p>Does your school give you the option of maybe taking some online classes? If so take done easy classes there over the summer to just boost your gpa.</p>

<p>My school provides MILES, which are individual classes you can do. Sadly, I face the same problem as you but this time around, I plan to get a MILE in foreign language over the summer, so that I can increase my foreign language average on my transcript, which is my worst.</p>

<p>I think i will have to resort to taking alot of online courses(will probably have to get a summer job so my parents don't pay alot and i pay them back; gotta accept responsibilities for my failures). I was originally a B+/A- student but i got an email from guidance counselour saying my gpa has dropped a good .3 points cause i have pulled nonstop B-(crap).</p>

<p>next year my workload gets tough-er and i hopefully will handle it properly: ap physics/calc/comp sci/english/human geo/some random elective(or i can have 2 frees:P)</p>

<p>Wait, what online course though?</p>

<p>gonna talk to my guidance counselor whenever and ask where i can take some online courses for credit.</p>

<p>I don't think they will offer that, sorry. Unless your school is special, not many high schools offer something like that. I've only heard of online courses from Colleges :P</p>

<p>Good luck though!</p>

<p>I am in a similar situation and I wanted to know what my gpa would boost up to if i have a 3.4 UW gpa and I had taken 5 AP classes with all A's.</p>

<p>Here in Florida they offer flvs( Florida virtual school) for any person in school in the state of Florida. It doesn't even have to be a HS student; you have middle schoolers starting to take HS classes to lighten their load. Maybe your state/county has the same thing? If not maybe take some dual enrollment course like freshman English at a local community college to help boost your gpa as well if you don't have the option of online. Try to boost it as much as possible over the summer bc with that workload for next year you will be beyond stressed; the last thing you need to worry about is a low gpa.</p>

<p>alright vero thanks. i am going to meet with my guidance coun 2mrw and hopefully work alot of things out one of which is my low gpa and another my low precalc mess. seriously need to up my game.</p>