Things changed now but that's not going to stop me from pursuing my bachelors degree

Good morning, users :slight_smile:

Well now my days of living bill free has come to an end. Let me be more open to you.

Back in 2009 at the age of 17, my friend gave me an apartment with all utilities included but in return I had to lookout for 25 apartments for him. 4 Buildings attached together. I was rent free, now 2022 he sold all 4 buildings.

I was learning the ropes of how to manage his estates, learning electrical, carpentry, demolition, cleaning up after each tenant that moved out, snow removal, landscape work, the list goes on and on. I even had to unclog bathtubs and toilets in the middle of 12-1 AM. Which really isn’t a pretty picture to look at, and it’s very unhygienic.

Once I learned the ropes I got self a job in 2017 and 2 other retail jobs and left to pursue an education, you already know my community college journey from the older threads. Since building, college and work, I had to choose building duties and college, multitasking was not easy.

A lot of users say I don’t have good work “ethics”. But I do, I was multitasking between the estates if something broke I would go right away fix it and come back to finish up my homework and study, which was very tough especially taking 6 classes per semester.

After 13 years of that’s good work experience, the owner will give me a letter signed stating that work experience I did, which is good.

At the moment I got my self a job, while being a part time student since, I have to pay my internet and cell phone bill. I just moved back in with my parents until I get back on my feet once I finish up the BSN degree.



Good luck to you!

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Going part-time is wise! Six classes plus various work duties is very tough. You get financial aid as long as you take two classes. There is no rush! Work can even keep you organized for school as long as neither is overwhelming. Good luck!

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Thank you for sharing your story. Wishing you the best of luck!

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If I had added more details in the past, and a 10 page essay post, things would not be confusing unlike the older threads, but I never had time, due to classes and exams.

Best of luck!

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