<p>Nothing at all to do with CC, its late, I'm bored, and something just got me angry</p>

<p>1) People who drive under the speed limit
2) Kids who think they're soooo nice at lacrosse....but aren't
3) When my cat eats my ham sandwich while I leave it sitting on the counter
4) Ants
5) Precocious little 8 yr olds on Juicy Juice commercials
6) Jesse Jackson
7) Fat Americans</p>

<p>any more things I can hate?</p>

<p>8) Overachieving classmates</p>

<p>9) When your cat eats your ham sandwich when you leave it sitting on the TABLE.</p>

<p>Table/counter wherever, that bastard eats anything thats not green</p>

<p>Good thing, because I think house plants kill cats.</p>

<p>Maybe if you colored your sandwiches green, he wouldn't eat them. Just a suggestion.</p>

<p>we have to lock up our breadbasket cuz he likes bread......he does eat the grass that pokes through the window, but it makes him puke....oh and cat DESPISES mustard, lol</p>

<p>I hate spiders....</p>

<p>What the hell is wrong with jesse jackson!</p>

<p>but do you despise them?</p>

<p>"I hate spiders...."</p>

<p>ahhh, i forgot to put them on the list
well, i dont DESPISE spiders...i kill them...the ants are on there b/c they infest...the bastards..</p>

<p>spiders=I despise those eight legged bastards...</p>

<p>I hated Charlotte's Web...</p>

<p>ha, jesse jackson offered to pay the 'durham dirtbag's college tuition b/c of her "allegation" </p>

<p>nuff said</p>

<p>i'm afraid of caterpillars. all those creepy little legs...</p>

<p>and you know nothing about that woman. what right do you have to call her the "durham dirtbag"?</p>

<p>when your mother/father freaks out over nothing, or just feels like shouting at you because they "had a bad day". wt.f, i'm not someone's punching bag.</p>

<p>10) Manipulating oddballs like Warren Jeffs, who, by the way, is a frickin' pervertive coward.</p>

<p>11) Teenagers who do not appreciate how good they have it. </p>

<p>12) Teachers who say they'll do one thing, but then they abandon their marvelous plans and settle for something rather lack luster (personal story).</p>

<p>13) Tests that are obviously rigged.</p>

<p>14) The fact that I'm allergic to chicken, eggs, chocolate, and milk.</p>

<p>15) Girls who use their bodies to get attention.</p>

<p>haha, lets just say i listen to too much talk radio...i dont wanna start a political debate...jesse jackson is the political figure that i DESPISE</p>

<p>Let's just say alleged victim to keep it safe...</p>

<p>oooo...i like girls who use their bodies to get attention</p>

<p>alright..alleged victim it is</p>

<p>16) How my flat-chested friends try to guess what my cup size is. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!</p>