Things I wish I knew when i was a Freshman at Pitt

<p>This thread is for Upperclassman who want to share hidden gems at Pitt and Oakland for incoming Freshman. Share anything you wish you knew when you were a freshman.</p>

<p>Ill start....I wish I knew that Antoon's pizza sold $5 large pizzas on Atwood Street.</p>

<p>That is really something you should have figured out during freshman orientation. My advice - the fun is in discovering the city and the school, make your own memories and learn your own lessons. I wish Pittsburgh was new to me again.</p>

<p>Three things - one practical, one career related, and the other somewhat sentimental. </p>

<p>Practical: Student Health gives out free condoms. </p>

<p>Career related: The alumni network is there for your use! Don't let it go to waste! If you're interested in field or working for a company that doesn't recruit at Pitt, check the alumni database to see if anyone from there is involved in that particular industry. I made use of this early on and it paid off handsomly down the road. </p>

<p>Sentimental: College is the best time of your life - it goes by much too quickly, so enjoy every moment of it. That and take as long as needed to graduate (sort of serious but not really). </p>

<p>My neighbor just started as a freshman at Pitt (moved there Wed. I believe). That same night I worked for 18 hours (9am-3am). Four years ago I was a wide-eyed freshman staying at Forbes Hall; now I'm trying to establish myself in the working world. It's unreal how quickly life passes by. I'm sure she'll be saying the same thing in due time, but for now I'm just a reminiscent college grad wishing I could roam the streets of Oakland once again.</p>

<p>Keep your GPA as high as possible freshman year - it doesn't get any easier.</p>


<p>Wasn't me who did this, but my sister saw it happen in one of her classes:</p>

<p>DON'T put your notes on the ground near your feet during a test and be RIDICULOUSLY OBVIOUS that you're cheating. And don't argue with your teacher after they caught you blatantly cheating.... :D</p>