Things to do after deferral

<p>I myself have not applied to UofM, but I was curious. What are the things you can do to increase your chances after getting deferred? Some of my friends (seniors) were also wondering...</p>

<p>Will writing letters to the admissions officers really help?</p>

<p>Also, can your chances of getting in actually increase after deferral?</p>

<p>(ie: really good midterm grades, added extracurrics)?</p>

<p>The best thing you can do is send them a transcript that has all A's. Sure extracurriculars will help, but the grades are the most important.</p>

<p>its better to send midyear grades with some B+'s than to not send anything right? and also, @ UM would someone really take an "impassioned" letter into consideration?</p>

<p>After being deferred, UMich sent me a yellow packet. Pretty much the only thing they care about is your transcript. If you are deferred you have to send it to them anyways, so do not hold back. It specifically says that there is nothing further that will influence their final decision other than your 1st semester grades, so send them in! Don't worry either, I know a bunch of people who were deferred and later admitted, and especially with this year having to be even more selective then before so they don't go over on spots, they have to be deferring more people then usual so they can get the best feel of this year's applicant pool. We all have a great chance of being admitted still!</p>

<p>You have to send midyear grades no matter what they look like because you won't get into the university without your senior year grades. Even admitted applicants have to send in their senior year grades, and if they don't, their admission will be revoked. If their grades are bad, their admission will be revoked.</p>

<p>There still is indeed a very good chance! About 50% of deferred applicants end up getting admitted. At least that's what the past 5 years of my high school classes show, and what the adcoms are telling my career center advisors.</p>

<p>do i have a chance with a weak 3.5 GPA?</p>

<p>just got the yellow packet too. i guess it gives me somewhat hope but my gpa is the weak point of my app. just wondering, but did/does anyone get rejected at this stage of the app process?</p>