Things to do around Bucknell

We are actually heading down to visit our D who’s at Susquehanna next weekend but are staying in Lewisburg. We are looking for things to do in the area. We pretty much like anything. Also looking for restaurant reccs - must have outdoor dining. Thanks in advance for any help!

There are a lot of nice wineries in the area. We liked this one:

I enjoyed driving down Route 147 on the east side of the river. There were a couple of nice parks snd a little museum along the route.

There is also an indoor market near Bucknell that I thought was worth walking through.

I liked driving around the back roads close to campus.

Have you checked out the campus art gallery at SU? They often have interesting exhibits.

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Thank you! Since I know you came from the same direction as us, were there stops along the way that you would recommend? We may mosey down via back roads or alternate routes from CT.

The Cuomo bridge offers a great walking experience (with overlooks and art installations), should your route and timing be right for that.

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No, we always made a beeline to and from Selinsgrove!