Things to do at Bama

<p>Hi everyone, first time poster here.
I'm going to UA Sunday through Monday and need some suggestions for must-do's while there. I visited back in December with my dad and had a full day-took a tour, atteneded an info session, and met with the Honors College and a professor within my major.
This visit, however, I was planning on attending the University Day, but unfortunately I missed registration by an hour. Now I am not extremely sure what to do...</p>

<p>The only things I have on my list are:
1. see the sample dorm room in RCS-North tower
2. do a self-guided tour, since the others are full and my mom is coming this time</p>

<p>Do you all have any suggestions? I want to make the most of my time there, since it's probarbly my last trip before (hopefully) orientation.</p>

<p>Eat at Fresh Foods at the Ferg
Visit the Bryant Museum
Go downtown and shop and shop on the Strip
Take pictures on the quad and Manderson Park (on Jack Warner Parkway)
Check to see if you could register late for University Days
Visit the Walk of Champions, take pictures at the stadium
Pick up some Bama stuff at the Ferg
Talk to students on campus
Scout out hotels for mom and dad's visits
Drive around Tuscaloosa to get familiar</p>

<p>Have fun!</p>

<p>If there are scheduled tours that day, but they're all booked, do this...</p>

<p>Arrive at the tour office EARLY and get your names on the waiting list for your entire party. If you're first on the WL, then you might get in. If you don't snag seats, then proceed with some of the ideas above</p>

<p>Also, contact <a href=""></a> to see if she can arrange a visit to the honors dorms.</p>

<p>Also...Bama does have "self-guided" iPod could do that as well.</p>

<p>This thread has info on restaurants, hotels, and things to do.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>If you've already had a tour and met with the honors college and professors, there's nothing you've missed on University Day. Frankly, you'll get more information here.</p>

<p>Maybe one of the parents could arrange for their child to meet with OP for lunch and to take to class...maybe see the rec center or their dorm.</p>

<p>feenotype may have the best idea. Sunday and Monday are the dates for the CBHP interviews, not sure how busy this keeps the folks at the Honors College but I am guessing that their plates are fairly full.</p>