Things To do for an appointment

<p>OK so I am fourteen years old and I really want to attens the USAFA. Seeing as I’m so young what should I do to help me. Any advice is welcome as long as it’s not stupid.</p>

<p>BTW I live in West Virginia so im not to sure how hard getting a nomination will be.</p>

<p>Not the best impression to say "as long as its not stupid"....that's my first advice.</p>

<p>My advice...
Read everything on this website:</p>

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<p>....Ditto (10 characters)</p>

<p>Join cross country at school and stay with it :)</p>

<p>And study a lot of course ;-)</p>

<p>Try to do look up things yourself. People are not going to just tell you everyting you need to do to get accepted, just like your paretns are not going to spoon feed you dinner. Look on the website gather information.</p>

<p>Maybe his parents do still spoon feed him. In which case the academy may not be a good idea.</p>

<p>Heh me and my bad sense of humor.</p>


<p>Try here: <a href=""&gt;;/a> </p>

<p>Or here:</p>

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<p>Get involved in clubs that you want to lead in, Study hard, join sports, and keep fit.</p>

<p>Yep, working hard in school is definatly one of the most important. Participate and try to be a leader in sports/clubs(both is ALOT better), by the time your a senior your going to want to hold a spot as captain in some sport(more sports is better), as well as officer position in a club. Stay positive and always keep in mind what your long term goal is. Oh ya, dont off your elders...(cough)haha</p>

<p>Don't let some of these comments discourage you. You're smart to try to get advice from a wide range of sources, not just from the academy website. That's why the rest of us are here. You should continue to cultivate the self-confidence to ask others for their insight. And as you learn, share what you know with others. Plan ahead, develop excellent study habits, and keep the goal fixed firmly in front of you. The next four years will go by very quickly. Good luck.</p>

<p>9th and 10th grade is fast but 11 is slow lol</p>

<p>ya it definatly goes by fast. Dont leave anything left blank. By that I mean have no regrets and have fun.</p>

<p>It's not going fast right now..</p>

<p>Trust us, it will.</p>

<p>It will be slow till school ends. Summer will fly (Assuming you're in a state that has a early release (school ended for me late May)). Then BCT will be slow and the school year will vary depending on your classes.</p>

<p>And now, for me, its FLYING. I go skiing on the weekends now, so precious time goes fast!</p>

<p>My school year ends in late June. If I end up getting an appointment to any of the service academies next year, I might have to get there the day after school ends.</p>

<p>Leadership, academics, athletics...that's what they're looking for. And the right attitude of dedication, integrity, and a desire to serve. If you look back on some of the older posts, you will see that a lot of us have posted some of our stats. It might help you get a better idea of what to expect. Good luck! ;)</p>

<p>And FYI, don't listen when they tell you senior year is supposed to be fun. It's hard. And slow. haha :) Geez, I'm such a downer.</p>

<p>Do applicants still have time to bust their ass during senior year?</p>