Things to Do in Richmond

<p>There was a good article in the Dayton Daily News on things to do in Richmond. I thought Earlham folks would appreciate the link. Enjoy!</p>

<p>Plenty</a> going on over in Richmond, Ind.</p>

<p>Thanks for thinking of us. :)</p>

<p>Thank you, Erin's Dad. I've only been to Richmond twice, and didn't have time to do much exploring. When I go next May, though, I'm scheduling a couple of tourist days.</p>

<p>I can vouch for several of the recommendations. We've stayed at the Potter's Wheel B&B several times. Bill and Marcia are wonderful hosts, excellent breakfasts, the room is in the lower level and quite cool and spacious, a nice relief from August heat and humidity. Lovely to sit out on the deck in the evening.
Little Sheba's is a fun restaurant, good food and live entertainment. Another excellent restaurant with a Greek influence is the Carver family restaurant near Meijer's. The historical museum is loaded with cool objects, including one of the two Egyptian mummies in Richmond. The other one is in the Joseph Moore museum on the Earlham campus.</p>

<p>I've spent quite a bit of time in Richmond considering i have 2 kidsd in school there. There is a lot to explore around the area incuding the highest spot in Inidana, an Amish area, a great bike path that goes up to Muncie, free delicious fresh spring water in Gen Miller Park and the one restaurant everyone seems to gravitate to besides Ghyslaines (sp?) is the Italian restaurant Gallo's. And if youre into hiking, there's Hayes Arboretum and Cope Environmental Center. Right off of 70 and Route 40 is the Richmond Visitor Center which has lots of useful information. Richmond might be in the middle of nowhere, but there's a lot around to entertain yourself!</p>