Things to Do in the Car?

<p>What are some productive things to do in the car?</p>

<p>I can't read or write in the car because it gives me stomachaches, but I've recently started listening to some podcasts to study for class. Problem is, those podcasts are for classes I don't need much help studying for, and classes that I need help in, like math and physics, you can't really understand the concepts via podcasts. d:</p>

<p>But what are some productive things you guys do in the car? I'm curious. :)</p>

What are some productive things to do in the car?


<p>inb4 something sexual. :P</p>

<p>I just sleep. Or look out the window.</p>

<p>If I'm with a girl. . . :)</p>


<p>But really, by saying "productive things to do while in the car", do you mean by driving or being a passenger? </p>


<p>I LOVE relaxing to jazz/movie soundtracks while I drive.</p>

<p>Passenger-wise. . .I just sleep. Or look out the window. Or, most frequently, daydream my wildest dreams. . .</p>

<p>I sleep... while listening to some random music.</p>

<p>"inb4 something sexual. :P"</p>

<p>^Hahaha, I wish. d:</p>

<p>@THE<code>HAIRY</code>LEMON: Passenger, but I guess you could go for both.</p>

<p>...So I guess you can't really do anything productive in the car? d: But sleeping's good, sleeping's good.</p>


<p>Well, it's not really productive, but ride with the windows down, play music loudly and sing :)</p>

<p>dance the freak out LOL!!!!</p>

<p>That also!!!!!!</p>

<p>Everyday I'm shuffling</p>

<p>Have insightful conversations with your fellow car-riders that will stimulate intellectual growth. Listen to the 'Stuff You Should Know' podcast; it's a great way to learn new things (even if it's not pertinent to school).</p>

<p>To be completely honest, I can't really think of anything productive to do in a car...</p>

<p>...though I can think of something reproductive to do in a car...</p>

<p>^You win, pi. You just... Win.</p>

<p>Things that I consider productive that I do in the car:</p>

<p>Sleep, or use it as an opportunity to seriously think about something you've been meaning to think about (for me the car is a lot less distracting than a lot of other environments).</p>

<p>Or, daydream about silly things (this is productive because i think it improves the quality of my life).</p>