Things to talk about during the 12 days of Christmas

<p>DD1 flew back from NU just before the weekend; DS will be back from a stone's throw away next week. So the communications no longer need to be restricted to tweet length messages between Physics and French classes. Any thoughts on the things we should spend time on with our one shortly to be non-teenager and other who feels the same?
The general feeling we get is they feel they are much more aware of "the ways of the world" then two middle (or worse) aged (non-rehabilitated) FOBs clinging to our old world.</p>

<p>Here are some thoughts - I really need suggestions from others who've had kids out of the house for a while re communicating. D&S, while they're legally adults, really have a lot of learning to do, and DW&I should lecture less and provide relevant advice more. Some of my thoughts:</p>

<p>Tiger and such behavior- "in some ways you have the opportunity to behave like him, and while you're nowhere as high as he was or can fall as much as he has, bad things can happen to you too". </p>

<p>Relationships - see point 1, but perhaps emphasize that part of the college experience and growing up is identifying people who are friends first and foremost that could become suitable long term mates. </p>

<p>Money - Credit cards - what's good about them, debts, scams, budgeting, charity.</p>

<p>Health - mental/physical.</p>

<p>Planning for summer - internships, studies.</p>

<p>Hopefully, the final message will be - "we expect you to disagree in many issues with us, we expect you to make mistakes, especially when you take the risks that we want you to take, but in the big picture we're on the same side, and hope you never hesitate to divulge the worst, and hope we have what it takes to give you the best."</p>