Things we stressed about before acceptance

I had a list of things that stressed me out:

  1. No AP Chem, Physics or Bio. She took honors Bio, honors Chem, AP Enviro and AICE marine.

  2. Only 2 years of foreign language (although we did replace it with additional AP classes) contacted UF admissions before deciding and they didn’t see a problem since she replaced it with something more rigorous.

  3. Senior year didn’t do any AP math. She did dual enrollment Survey of Calculus 2233 and Stats 2023 (Everyone told me that UF prefers AP over dual enrollment, but UF told me they had no preference). Now she will have 6 math credits under her belt and no AP exams. Best decision ever.

  4. Only 150 community service hours. The majority of them were from being a CIT at a summer camp.

She did have a 3.94 UW and a 4.6 recalculated with a 1460, but lots of people warned me about the above list and none of it mattered. She was accepted for Fall!