Things you feel guilty about...

<p>Being born into a white, upper-middle class family.
Not donating enough money to the needy.</p>

<p>Not working my ass off to get into Harvard.</p>

<p>Not working my butt off to get a 4.0
Disappointing my parents
Not being nice to this nice guy
Not breaking up with my loser exbf sooner
Procrastinating every minute of my life</p>

<p>procrastinating on cc instead of doing english/bio homework
and other dirty dirty secrets of my past... dun dun dun.</p>

<p>Not working hard enough during high school
Not working hard enough during the first year of college.</p>

<p>/lol @ White Guilt</p>

<p>oh hey neverborn i remember u from the uchic forum</p>

<p>Reading CC instead of finishing my english paper.
Being better than my sister at stuff.
Disapointing my parents.</p>

<p>not doing homework.
wasted a lot of money on shopping the other day..used my debit card....feel really guilty because it's my parents' money.</p>

<p>not responding to e-mails...I just forget! :o</p>

<p>oh great its been an hour and im still on cc waiting for email notifications to see if anyone responded to any of my subscribed posts.
at this rate im never going to succeed in college unless i undo all my access to the internet.</p>

<p>Not having read a single book or essay for my English class since Spring Break; I feel so guilty that I've started skipping that class, and now I feel guilty about that too.</p>

<p>Agree with post #4. I can quit CC any time, I swear! :p</p>

<p>I also regret not putting on sunblock when I went to the Marine Lab this weekend. Yeah, I'm definitely cooked (as in bright red). I also have poison ivy. :(</p>

<p>ahahah i say that to myself.
so i close my internet window.
5 seconds later "did anyone post something new on the uchic forum?"
and im on cc for a nother 5 hours.</p>

<p>right now is a good example. asl;dfkj T_T</p>

<p>i regret turning on my computer in the first place.</p>

<p>poor warblers..I never get sunburn, ha!</p>

<p>I feel guilty for
-buying junk food
-being on CC when I have work to do
-being less than approachable at times

<p>eating french fries
playing on the computer so much when I could be reading something</p>

<p>Haha, aww, cookiemonster! Me too! XD</p>

<p>quitejaded, who's cookiemonster?
oh dear why does everyone think im a monster? i am really not a horrid monsterdly looking being in real life.
i guess they just assume "cookiemon___... oh it must be cookiemonster like from sesame street"
NO im a one and only cookiemonkey!</p>

<p>LOL! I misread your username!</p>

<p>its ok quitejaded. many people misread it and call me a monster.</p>

<p>oh you are from texas! how splendid. so am i! houston to be exact, as it says on my user profile.
and quitejaded, if u post one more post that is not on the CC cafe, you'll have 1004 total posts which is a lucky number for me for 2 reasons.</p>

<p>Not having started studying for APs yet.</p>