Think Box at Case is more than maker space, its innovation space

ThinkBox at Case is 50,000 square feet of space for engineers, business majors and patent attorneys
to come together to innovate. I think this is unique, even MIT does not offer this cross section of
resources in one place, the maker space, the business partners and the attorneys all for you to invent, prototype
patent and launch a start up while an undergrad or grad student or MBA student at Case Western.
Watch the students talk about it on this video:

Here is a list of student projects at CWRU’s Think Box from 2016 to present, with student names, and websites for each project:

Young entrepreneurs from Case Western Reserve University are in Las Vegas this week to display their innovations at the international Consumer Electronics Show.

The university is showcasing inventions and business startups created by 10 current and former Case students…

Here is an article about a CWRU undergrad who started a company to design and manufacture clean airplane engines at CWRU and got a lot of funding from the federal government and recognition. I don’t know if he already graduated.

@Pbrain I think engineering is getting stronger and stronger at Case, but don’t overlook the physics department at CRWU. Physics is very personal and a high level program. I think Mechanical/Aerospace is particularly good at Case. And Macromolecular Engineering, or the study of plastics, is one of the best in that field. They have a lot of bioengineering in Macromolecular, so look beyond the Biomedical Engineering, which is a combo of mechanical/electical with biology and physiology. I think the Biomedical students at Case often get into some interesting fields like orthodics for instance and other types of special engineering. The co op plans at Case are really very good too. We know electrical and aerospace students who have gotten very good jobs and we know computer scientists who got top positions on the west coast with a Case degree.

CWRU sends many entrants at the Consumer Electronics Show

“LaunchNet” at Case helps launched companies

Case supports entrepreneurial competitions

Case has an entire building devoted to makerspace
“Within the maker movement, Sears think[box] is considered a leading example of what’s attainable. It stands out not only for the depth and breadth of the machinery available (including 3-D printers, circuit-board routers, laser cutters, welding equipment, some of which was donated by Lincoln Electric), but also for its design, which guides users floor by floor through the entire making process, from whiteboard brainstorming to fabrication to legally protecting an idea to taking a product to market.”

Case hosted an international symposium on MakerSpaces

Case sent our son to CES several years ago. He now is happy and well-employed in his area of interest. Case is a great school - few fringes. Just a great school.

Virtual Tour of think[box].