Think I'll get into Cornell? Chance me, I want your advice!

<p>I am 15 yrs old, will be 16 when I enter college (I am graduating a year early)- I'm very curious as to how this will effect me in the admissions process next year.</p>


660 writing
660 reading
650 math</p>

<p>only have taken it one time, without much prep.. planning on greatly improving my math scores which i know that i can</p>

<p>-just took subject tests in math I and chemistry, waiting for those scores</p>

this yr: 4.0
cumulative not including this year: 3.9
rank: 3rd in junior class (I am currently considered a sophomore)</p>

<p>-taking AP Chem next year
-will be earning advanced regents diploma
-high regents scores
-i believe i will have great recommendations because i have good relationships with my teachers and guidance counselors, and they are aware of my passion and intelligence
-i think i'm a pretty good writer, and that i would have an extremely strong essay</p>


<p>-12 yrs of Girl Scouting, Silver award recipient, Gold award recipient (i did a math and science fair for my local middle school)
-National Honor Society (1 yr)
-Dale Carnegie Leadership Course (college credit)
-have experience in college setting (two college english classes)
-Senior Class Secretary
-regular volunteer at my local Boys and Girls Club
-Astronomy Summer Institute at Alfred University
-National Chemical Society Award (top ten in Chemistry)</p>


<p>-science, engineering, chemistry, physics-plan to get into a field related to the above</p>

<p>What do you guys think? be honest, not mean (please ): ) and let me know what you think about which school i should apply to- i'm torn between engineering and arts and sciences, any help/advice is welcome(:</p>

<p>what school you apply to depends on what major you want to major in. AS and engineer have very different majors... so it should be pretty obvious.</p>

<p>if you can boost your sat score to 2200 (750+ in both reading/math) id say youd have a decent shot.</p>

<p>The SAT score is WAY too low for any Ivy. It has to be over 2200, or at least 2150, no questions asked.
You also need to take Math II, not Math I. And if you haven't taken AP Chem, why did you take the SAT II in Chemistry?
Graduating at such a young age will hurt you in admissions processes. Remember, they are trying to create a diverse, cohesive class. Why the rush? Take WAY more AP's, get higher scores and do more extracurriculars, including community service.
I'm currently a Junior, who could have skipped over four grades. I took AP Calculus and AP U.S. as a freshman, made 5's on all but one AP I have ever taken, will graduate with 17 AP credits, and have a 2320 on my SAT. I could have graduated at 16 like you, but I would not have had nearly those credentials to get into a school like Cornell. And yet, I STILL don't know if I have a shot at Cornell. So you see, it's better to wait and give yourself the BEST opportunity to do well in college admissions. I would be much more worried if I was a 15 year old with a few AP's, 2130 SAT, and not much else.</p>

<p>@pranam: relax, it's not harvard. you both have fine chances if your scores are above 2100/ 700 for each subject test.</p>

<p>@OP: i would apply to engineering, but be wary of the workload if you get in.</p>

<p>@pranam, thanks for the honesty- i do feel like i have enough to offer a college that they would want to accept me. mind you i'm not the biggest brain in the world, but i have an undying will to change the world because i know i can. honestly, i would stay in high school another year if i could, but i feel like it would be a waste of my time. i know i am capable of handling a much more challenging coursework and courseload. also, cornell doesn't even accept the credits- and wasting another year of my life here honestly isn't worth the extra couple lines on my app..</p>

<p>Do not get discouraged because your scores are not the stereotypical ivy leaguers. My sister got into Duke, ranked higher than some ivies- Brown, Cornell, and Dartmouth according to USN&WR with less than a 1200 (CR+M) and only a 29 on the ACT. There's more to an application than just test scores. Grades weigh more than test scores anyways, and you're GPA is great. Good Luck!</p>