think this will get me into stanford?

<p>My freshman and HALF of sophomore year, my grades were really bad, A's B's c's and two D's. However, i am in the IB program have 7's in all my classes. Will this increase my chances of getting into stanford? I also have a small athletic scholarship from tennis.</p>

<p>Yes, doing well in school will increase your chances at Stanford...</p>

<p>Your unclear antecedents won't.</p>

<p>Does Stanford want you for tennis? It's hard seeing them get an athlete with two Ds in, but I'm sure it's happened.</p>

<p>Your last sentence doesn't make sense. You have to literally be top 30 in the country to play tennis at Stanford. Seeing as it is unlikely that you are top 30, you do not have a scholarship to Stanford.</p>

<p>All 7's in IB is very impressive. I've heard of people getting into Ivies just by their IB scores. I think you have a very good shot.</p>

<p>More like top 20, if not top 10. Stanford takes a lot of international tennis players, and the cream of the crop usually play there.</p>

<p>^^ Team</a> Overview</p>

<p>This year their lowest is #14, 2 years ago their lowest recruit was #55</p>