Thinking about a change of college to engineering; first semester schedule?

<p>I'm gonna be in L&S when I start in the Fall and am gonna major in physics. However, Nuclear engineering also has a certain appeal to it for me since it is a more practical application of what interests me the most about physics. I'm thinking about taking some engineering classes in order for me to be a better change of college candidate when i apply to do so next year.</p>

<p>I'm for sure gonna take Math 1B and Physics 7A. Should I take engineering 7 or 10 for my first semester? And which one is easier, considering I don't want my first semester here at Cal to be too difficult?</p>

<p>Engineering 7 and 10 are two completely different courses. E10 is a survey course so it is an excellent course to take it as an incoming freshman. E7 requires a lot of academic maturity and wise time management, so take it in spring when you're used to Cal. Oh, and take Math 54 while taking E7 because you'll need it..</p>

<p>Are freshmen outside of COE even allowed to take Engineering 10? I thought the course was restricted.</p>

<p>Actually E7 is restricted only for CoE and CoC students. But everybody gets in sooner or later anyway since there are always leftover seats..</p>