Thinking About College And Planning For College Has Me Planning For Too Much (Possibly, Probably)

I am a high school senior and im currently applying to colleges. I love thinking about the future and things I wanna do, but this has me thinking about doing too much, and im not sure what to do, cause I don’t want to feel like a failure because I don’t accomplish everything I feel that I need to do (even though its more of a want than a need).
I’ve always known what I want to do (I mean since middle school), I want to be an Electrical Engineer + I want to learn computer science (So I would go for EECS). Just the idea of creating technology, taking all the ideas I have in my head, and actually go out and make those ideas a reality. Working components and creating the future, I know I want to go into engineering. Then I had the idea of double majoring. Ever since I was in school I was always the math whiz guy, I loved doing math (my parents told me when I was a kid I would write numbers on the walls, and write as many numbers as I could on graph paper), Once I was given the ability to advanced farther than my peer I was all over that. If you read my other post, you’d know that currently taking Linear Algebra and Diff EQ here in the fall semester of my senior year, planning on graduating finishing Advanced Diff EQ (which would be my 7th college math course (about 26 credits + potential more if I take more classes next summer)). So I thought hey I very far in my math career (even more credits than I would need for EECS), I love math I should double major in Applied Mathematics with EECS (which to me sounds solid). Then I talk to a friend and the idea of doing an Accelerated Master Program became a new great idea (especially a few of the schools I was looking at offering it) for EECS, I could take some more advanced classes and in 5 years total I could I have a Bachelors and Masters in EECS + major in Applied Mathematics. Back to my idea of EECS, I just love the idea of EECS and I know I want to go into it, but it’s the vision I have after college and what I want to do with EECS that adds more my plate. Most engineers end up going to work for big companies and such and spend their careers working for them, and I know that’s where I’ll be in early in my career, but my big vision for my life is not spending my life away helping create some other person’s vision, but go out and create my own vision (going back to what I said with all the ideas I have). I want to go and create my own company. (I have a lot of ideas for tech innovation and stuff, and interesting enough I actually want to create a videogame, I’ve been coming up with ideas for this “videogame” for the last 5 years, ever since I was in middle school) So I was planning on pursuing an MBA after receiving my bachelors. So then came the idea of pursuing another degree. I would not be pursuing this degree at whatever college I would be pursuing EECS+ Applied Mathematics + MBA (eventually), but an online program that I would be doing part-time during the year and full time during the summer (so I would be dual-enrolling in college). This is something I guess more personal to me and something I feel called to do, which the degree I’m talking about is Biblical and Theological Studies, im very active in my church, buts not why I’m thinking about getting a degree, mostly I don’t have the answers I want to have, I want to be educated in my faith, there’s a lot more personal stuff as well. So were at EECS (+ Accel. Masters), + Applied Mathematics, + MBA, + BATS, + Studying Abroad. So recently I have been hit with a bunch of information about studying abroad in my first year of college, and the benefits of studying abroad. I feel motivated to want and go study abroad somewhere in Europe (I’m thinking Italy), Last year I could have had the opportunity to study abroad in high school (Youth Exchange Program), I knew a few people in my class that went to study abroad and they talk very highly of their trips. I’ve always wanted to travel, over the years I’ve felt trapped in the small city that I live in, longing to explore. Two places I always wanted to travel to Italy (Also head up north into the Alps and Switzerland), and Hokkaido, Japan (Northern Island of Japan, the first-ever videogame I ever played (and I played this game a lot) was based off Hokkaido and I’ve always wanted to go there). So study abroad and visit one of the two places? The last thing I had considered was Law School. After I took AP Government and Politics I became very interested in Law (I love to argue my ideas and theories and suggest alternate viewpoint, and legality of stuff, I love to watch law-related TV shows), in the next year I joined Youth in Government and I applied to be on my city’s youth boards (and currently reside on a youth board). I want to continue studying the law and join law/government extracurriculars in college. And take the LSAT after graduating and get into a law school. Again here to be educated in current law and politics and this would potentially help me in all legal stuff regarding if I start a company (If I wasn’t focused on EECS and Applied Mathematics, I would be in Law, I don’t see doing Law after all the rest as a very plausible course of action). Just for the kicks Psychology was something I am also very interested, but im already at the point where I’m just saying that can something I can look into as a hobby after college if I want (AP Psychology got me interested in the mind and behavior, especially when pertaining to myself, I’ve been in counseling for a long time (I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety for a big part of my life), and I got good at explaining my own behavior and motivations. And learning psychology helped with that, and I would love to be able to explain other’s behaviors).

So I am guessing that most of y’all think I am a bit too ambitious, and I know some things need to be put off. If I had the time and money I would do all of those things, Study Abroad (1st or 2nd semester) + Classes I’m interested in (Cooking, Psychology, Law), Accelerated Masters EECS + Applied Mathematics Majors + Biblical and Theological Studies Bachelors, MBA, and Law School. In your opinion what needs to go?

apologies but, i didn’t read all of that.

One step at a time… get into a school that’s a good fit for you and see how your future unfolds. Most 4 year colleges have EE majors that can serve as a solid foundation for any advanced degree AND study abroad programs so, you will probably have lots of options.

What are your stats/qualifications, budget and what are you looking for in your college experience?

First, take a deep breath. You have a lot of life ahead of you and time to do many things. Take things one step at a time.

Next, learn to write in paragraphs, with one clear theme for every paragraph. It is very hard to read one paragraph that goes through many thoughts and more than a page of text. Structuring your writing can be valuable in a wide range of careers. I worked my entire career in high tech, but even in high tech writing well can be very valuable and is a skill that I have needed to use very often.

I did manage to read enough of your post to see that you are interested in both technology and law. This combination is possible. I know several people who got either an engineering or computer science degree, and then went to law school and became lawyers. One worked for several years as a software engineer before going to law school. There are some aspects of law that are related to technology. Law schools know this. I have heard that the combination is valuable enough that applicants to law school with a strong technology background are given a small advantage in terms of the GPA needed to get accepted. It is entirely reasonable to get a degree in EECS, work in that field for a few years, and then decide whether you want to go to law school or to continue working.

If you are a high school senior, then you have two jobs right now. One is to do well in your current classes. The other is to find colleges and universities to apply to.

In terms of finding schools to apply to, people here on CC would be able to give better advice if we know your budget, your home state, your stats, and what you want in a university. There are many, many universities that have very good programs in EE, CS, and math, and that have good study abroad programs. Your first task is probably to find two affordable safeties, and then optionally to pick out some match and reach schools.

Absolutely, first get into a great university for EECS, one which has the option for a BS/MS in 5-years. However, I have now watched my son’s peers go through such programs, and well-prepared advanced students often finish those in 4 years w/ AP or transfer credits, or chose to do the BS in 3 (even double majoring) and start a career. If you are still interested, those other programs can be tried through evening/online classes while working, and not sacrificing income. One step at a time.