Thinking about dropping BIS 2A, I need some advice

<p>Hi, </p>

<p>I’m thinking about dropping BIS 2A, because I’m not going to need it for my major. Currently, I’m declared as a Biochem major, but I don’t have the passion for science that I thought I had, so I want to study subjects that actually interest me. I’m considering switching to French, Sociology, or Women and Gender Studies, and possibly double majoring. The only reason I chose BIS 2A was for awhile I was considering studying enviro sci, so I decided that if BIS 2A interested me I would stick with a science major. One week into the quarter and I have decided I don’t want to continue on the science route. My professor is unorganized and I cannot see myself doing well in this class because it doesn’t interest me at all and I have to teach myself all the material. </p>

<p>Anyway, my dilemma is if I drop this class I will only be carrying 12 units; currently I have 16 units. How would this reflect on my transcript? If I drop before the 10 day drop deadline it will not show on my transcript, correct? </p>

<p>Thank you</p>

<p>12 units is fine for one quarter. Correct, in fact I believe you have 20 days to drop. </p>

<p>Which professor do you have? You may have just gotten unlucky.</p>