Thinking about self-study AP PLZ help!!

<p>Next year (senior) I'm thinking of taking AP Physics B and perhaps stats. Anyone have any thoughts or help for me? I've taken a regular physics class and i was just wondering how colleges will look at self studying it. I read on college board that some colleges to determine whether credit is due, interview you to see about your lab experience (which i wouldn't be getting with a independent study). I'm wondering if it's worth my time or even doable. Anything!!!!</p>

<p>This is more of an AP Prep forum Stat is one of the easier/easiest AP's. I don't about physics, I just don't like it at all.</p>

<p>I selfed AP Physics B while taking an Honors Physics course and it was a challenge as the class didn't cover ~45% of the material needed for Physics B. But it was a solid foundation, and if you are good at Physics and willing to put in the time, it is possible if a bit difficult.</p>

<p>I took an AP Stats course last year as well and it was cake. You can easily self-study it, but if you are aiming for a 5, you might have to work a bit at it. A 4 is really easy to get though in my opinion.</p>

<p>Also here would be my school scedule</p>

<p>Spanish 2
Gov't/econ (couldn't fit junior yr)
AP Calc AB
AP Lit
Dual Enroll General Chem 1</p>

<p>thoughts? would AP stats and Physics B perhaps be too much?</p>

<p>Protip: Physics B is hella hard with a teacher, expect hell if you self study</p>