Thinking about switching?

I'm currently a biochem major, just finishing up my first year, and I'm thinking about switching to a math major. I'm really not sure, though, and was looking for advice.</p>

<p>One of the main reasons I'm thinking about switching is that chemistry, especially, just doesn't seem to be jiving with me. I'm studying hard and not getting the grades I expect for myself. And, as of now (I'm only in second semester calculus, though) math is pretty easy/intuitive for me. But where do you draw the line between quitting because something is hard and playing to your strengths? How do I know I'll still find math intuitive when it gets harder?</p>

<p>I do love biochem, I'm just not sure it's really right for me. Thoughts? Information on what one does with a degree in math would be appreciated, as well.</p>


<p>Do you like being in a lab? If not, you should switch to Math major. You will have more free time since it doesn't entail long labs hours like Chem/Biochem majors do. You just go to class and do weekly homework.</p>

<p>^good point</p>

<p>I was kinda in the same situation that you are in. I was a microbiology major and I switch to a math major. If the subject does not interest you then switch, but keep in mind of what you want to do career wise. Anything medical the biochm major would help. Math major can teach, do actuary, statistics and research. A master degree in math in perferred.</p>