Thinking about transferring even before starting college?

So I got into SUNY Albany and loved it initially. I joined a groupme and realized that many people there are focused more on partying than school and the reason why I chose Albany was because of my mediocre high school record and I couldn’t really go anywhere else. I’d love to transfer to USC for the fall 2018 semester but should I at least give Albany a chance or set my mind on transferring?

UAlbany - as with any college - will have a plethora of students whose primary focus is their social lives. You will, however, find a great deal of students who are driven and goal-oriented. UAlbany is not some walk in the park; you will have to work hard in order to be successful. Sure, you’ll have some not-so-great professors (as with any university), but UA truly is a great college which is also making great strides at becoming an even greater university. I loved my time at UAlbany and I would recommend it to anyone.

Just curious… what is your intended major? When choosing a university, it is best to make a decision based upon the academic program in which you are choosing to pursue rather than choosing a university for its overall ranking.

@JMM72493 hey sorry to butt in, what are youre thoughts on UA’s computer science program? i just got accepted and hear nothing but bad things =/

I’m majoring in business administration

What did you decide? The business program at UA is very well-regarded. UA definitely has more of a party atmosphere than many other schools. That said, it is a big school, so there are lots of people who are focused on studies and community service. I live in Albany, and we get lots of great student volunteers from UA. If you are specifically looking for the non-party scene, you need to consciously seek it out. I would recommend joining service-oriented organizations and, if you are so inclined, the Interfaith Center. They put on lots of interesting, intellectually stimulating events. I know many non-partying students who hated their first year - the first year dorms can be wild - but their experience improved greatly after that.

@UNYMom My son will be a sr in high school next year and he wants business. Accounting is something he is leaning towards. I never understood why Albany has this party rep and Binghamton does not. Do not get me wrong, I know all about the kegs and eggs fiasco 7 years ago, but Albany has an excellent reputation for its business school. My wife and I lived in Clifton Park in the early 90’s and we loved the areal.

I remember vividly back in the late 70’s and early 80’s Albany was right up there with Binghamton. Since then, it seems as though Albany lost its way a bit and started to get this party rep. The one thing I can tell you is that there is plenty of partying at Binghamton. Dont get me wrong, there are alot of top notch students at Bing, but for some reason, they do not get that bad rep.

I do know one thing. If someone wants to major in accounting, Albany has a great program and all of the top accounting firms come up to recruit.

Just an aside. Lehigh and Bucknell, two highly regarded schools, have big reputations for being party schools. So, there you have it.

My son will be applying to alot of the SUNY schools as well as some private schools like Bentley. However, in the end, I know he will wind up at a suny school. Why spend 250k vs 100 k for the same education?

Yeah, UAlbany does NOT live up to its partying reputation. I live in “college town” and although there are parties, they are super rare. The partying scene has greatly died down - usually, you’d have to be in a fraternity/sorority or whatever to be invited to parties. There are practically no open-house parties anymore. DO NOT COME TO UALBANY IF YOU THINK IT’S SOME BIG PARTY SCHOOL. Go to Cuse if that’s your goal, lol.

You might want to keep in mind that at the beginning of freshman year at many schools there will be a significant number of students who choose to party. By the middle of sophomore year, probably sooner, most of these students will either be gone or will have grown up and focused a lot more on academics.

Yeah UAlbany definitely isn’t a huge party school anymore. Unfortunately you just got into a groupme with students who like to party, which you’ll find everywhere. But I, for example don’t party and I’ve found other things to do that interest me. Afterall, I see my stay here as a business decision because I came here for a degree and as long as you’re committed you’ll do the same. This is my third year being a student at UAlbany.

I think you (and the perspective students who play to party heavily) will be surprised. The academics are solid, highly regarded masters program and the school has cracked down on the partying issues (like many other schools). Times have changed for just about all college campuses. After the “Kegs and Eggs” incident the school went full force to shut things down. Google it - it was a few years ago now. Give the school a chance. I think you will find professors who don’t speak English well and classes taught by T.A.s a bigger issue

This is interesting. I live in the area, and my son has been hearing decent things about UAlbany, so is thinking of putting it on his list. Then just this week I heard scary stories from 3 different people about the high level of partying going on there, which has made me think twice. One is from a property manager, so he usually only gets called when there is a problem, such as things being destroyed during a party. He did say that there are certain blocks that he would never let his kids live on due to the fact that the apartment buildings are pretty much run like frats with everyone in the building knowing each other, moving from apartment to apartment like it is one single family house, and having house wide parties. A young woman I talked to at a completely different venue said the same thing - said she would never live on the block she was on on Hudson St again. So I guess the moral is to carefully check out where you might want to live, rather than rushing to get any apartment.

The comments here have calmed this mother somewhat. My son could live at home, but I would like him to have a campus experience if we can afford it.

@PamelaG I just heard back from Rutgers so I’m transferring out after this semester. Trying to make friends as an out of state student was incredibly difficult for me and i never felt like I belonged here.

At every school, you will find a group of students that have a large focus on activities other than school work. Being a student at UAlbany myself, one thing I have found that I’m sure many others will agree with is the levels of diversity that can be found on campus. There are many different types of personalities on campus and I’m sure you will find a group that best suits you. From what I am seeing, it’s clear that the party scene is not for you, similar to many other students that are currently enrolled at the school. The most important thing for any new student to do is to open yourself up to try different things. UAlbany has over 250 student run organizations with many different focuses and passions. Through these clubs, you can find many others that have the same interests as you and make new friends.

College is what you make of it. If you surround yourself with the right people, I’m sure you will reconsider UAlbany and see all the opportunity that it holds for every student. Hope this helps.

Wait wait wait… your whole issue with UAlbany was partying… so you’re transferring to RUTGERS?!? Lol, they party way harder than UAlbany. Rutgers is an AMAZING university; I absolutely love it. I just can’t help but laugh at your decision to transfer due to the partying concern.

NEWSFLASH PEOPLE: IT’S COLLEGE! PARTIES HAPPEN! Jeez, even Dartmouth - an ivy leaguer - parties hard. Again, I absolutely loveeeee Rutgers - wanted to go there myself. The fact that you are transferring there to avoid parties is flat out ridiculous. Also, you are putting yourself in tons and tons of debt as an out of state student.

Your choice, though.

Oops, maybe I read incorrectly. If you are in-state for Rutgers, go to Rutgers. Although, UA’s out of state tuition may be the same as Rutger’s in state…

@SUNYJMM nah my main problem with this school was the academics and the location. Partying was just a problem since so many students don’t care enough about their work.

@SUNYJMM I’m trying to achieve balance through my social life and academic life at Rutgers since i wasn’t able to accomplish that here. So, I’m just trying to a receive a better education for cheaper since Rutgers is 33K in state compared to 40K here.

Well, good luck at Rutgers then! Should have been your first choice if you think UAlbany has mediocre academics. Business administration is your major? Hmmm, our business school is anything but mediocre, but okay.

UAlbany just wasn’t for you, that is all. No need to put it down, especially its business school, as the academics are fantastic. Hope Rutgers is a better fit for you.

Yeah unfortunately I never felt like I fit in here but thank you.