Thinking of switching from Dornsife to Marshall

<p>hey everyone! hope all the 2011 fall admits had a great time moving in!
(I'm a 2012 spring admit btw)</p>

<p>I'm admitted to Dornsife but I'm think of switching my major to Business Admin. in Marshall.
And I heard we have reapply if we want to transfer from a college to a college.
Has anyone gone through the process of switching majors?
What was it like - did you call or email?</p>

<p>I considered switching to a Marshall major once. You need to do a supplemental application for the switch. I don't have the form anymore, but it's pretty simple from what I remember. I had a sit-down with one of the admissions people and they told want at least a B in Calc and a 3.3 cum. GPA at USC. I'm not sure if you can switch now, but it may be worth giving the office a call.</p>