Thinking of Transferring Away from UC Santa Barbara??? (Need Help!!!!)

<p>So I'm finishing up my 2nd year at UCSB and just recently found out I didn't make it into the Econ/Accounting major. This has literally put me into depression because I really tried hard and didn't succeed which really hurts. I know I could have done better, but the party environment at this school has really gotten to me, I live in a house of 10 people and there is an almost constant drug use and partying (which I have come to DESPISE!!!!!!!!!!) and I just feel distracted at this school. The only other major here that really interests me is Financial Mathematics/Statistics but it would require 24 units of pre-major classes (I would be essentially starting over). I have actually come to hate this school A BIT since I didn't get into my major.
Now I'm basically doing nothing, taking 13 units general ed, I would have been taking upper division econ courses, but now I'm in limbo because I have no major. I'm 3 weeks into my classes and just now starting to even look at books or homework, this has been due to feeling so bad about what happened. The last 3 weeks have basically been just depression/anxiety/getting high to forget about reality, but I have so many issues to decide on.
At this point it just seems like I've wasted 12k is student loans to get some gen. ed. done at this school. I really want to transfer colleges and go somewhere close to home, either Chico or Sac State, and save money while being able to refocus myself in a new environment. I'm unsure if I should stick with econ/acc (maybe I didn't do well cause it doesn't interest me enough), but I'm considering between construction management, financial planning, physical therapy or anything else really; basically I'm completely undecided.
Am I stupid for wanting to transfer to a 'lower ranked' college? I've been told I would have a better job outlook graduating from UCSB compared to Chico or Sac, but if I can't even do a major I really want what's the point? Is graduating from UCSB that prestigious, because part of me wonders if I'm leaving just because of temporary depression and I'll end up wishing I had stayed here. Overall, I think I need to leave, but I'm still worried it's the wrong choice.
I'm a guy and just writing all this out has me crying, not getting into the econ major at this school was a huge blow to me. I have now experienced my first panic attack and still can't seem to shake the depression due to all this. I'm furious with myself for not succeeding, I don't think I've ever felt lower in life. I might even fail all of my classes due to how little effort I'm now putting in now.
Please offer any and all input you might have about my situation!!!</p>

<p>There are things you should seriously research and consider before making this decision. </p>

<p>For starters, Chico is a renowned party school as well. I hear it’s “slipping” in the ranks of party schools but that doesn’t make it a better choice for someone struggling to resist the distraction. A commuter school where a large portion of the population live at home or off-campus would be a better choice. Maybe Sacramento would be a better.</p>

<p>Print out your transcript and find out exactly what would transfer and what GE’s are covered in whatever new school you are looking at. The UC’s and CSU’s can have quite different requirements. You’d hate to move only to find out half your credits are just filler. You might end up loosing a 3 or 4 quarters and that would be an awful shame.</p>

<p>I don’t know you or your situation. I can’t advise you on what to do. If you think being closer to home would better your chances at actually finishing college then certainly consider it. If you think this is a momentary down, then certainly don’t make any huge decisions until you’ve had some processing time. Transfer application deadline is June 1st for Winter session at the CSU. I’d at least give yourself a few more weeks and talk to your family before deciding.</p>

<p>PS I say this as an adult who made some pretty stupid mistakes during her college years due to being impulsive, unhappy and unwilling to get outside help. I’ll be the first to say that if a college is a bad fit, then you shouldn’t be there. However, be smart about it. Understand your motivations. Try to get some perspective… are the issues you are having truly environmental or are they internal and is there a good chance they will follow you to a new school. Really explore the options and know in advance how such a move will delay you.</p>

<p>Excellent practical advice above. I will add:</p>

<p>Good for you coming to the Parents Forum, which shows reasoned decision-making. First, as someone who at your age truly experienced depths of panic/anxiety/depression, and all the guilt and wanting to escape that comes with it, I just want to say: Take a deep breath, know: </p>

<p>1) What happens next is all up to you, with the consequences of each choice;
2) You DO choose whether you further succumb to anxiety/depression OR realize doing so will further make you miserable;
3) The choice to continue to make a reasonable plan, one you work hard on to build your next goal(s) will lead you to personal satisfaction;
4) In this regard, there is no “wrong decision,” you go forward with what you decide knowing you may later change your mind, and take on whatever that entails;
5) There is no deadline/race, whatever you decide in regard to academics does not have to fit a preconceived timeline, however, costs will factor into your decisions; and
6) Base your decisions on what is good for you, don’t worry about what you believe others may think.</p>

<p>Me? The path from high school graduation to J.D. degree (top law school) was 9 years rather than the straight typical 4 undergrad (or 3 these days with so many AP and college courses taken by many) + 3 law, with time out of undergraduate years that rebalanced school choice, goals and finances. </p>

<p>Go easier on yourself in regard to regrets and harder on yourself in regard to workable solutions. Please update.</p>

<p>Thanks for the tips you guys very helpful! I’ve got a lot to think about.</p>

<p>Go to the counseling center asap, like today. You need to talk to someone in person and bounce this off of because you are reacting in a way that shows you need some help and support. Use the services available. Then get to an academic adviser. Find out what people do who don’t get in their major. I hope the credits you are talking go to graduation. It is a good idea to look at the Chico requirements for the major. It seems if you want to do accounting you do need an accounting major. Or work out with the adviser some alternatives.</p>

<p>Relax. Take a day or two off. Honestly, nothing bad had happened. </p>

<p>I give you a lot of credit for recognizing that you are not achieving your goals in your current environment, and for attempting to find a solution. It shows you are maturing beyond perhaps some of your peers in the house. Honestly, if you feel the school is no longer a good fit, then I would look into transfer options. Have you spoken to your parents? Perhaps even think about living at home for a year and enrolling in a local college while you take the requirements for the major that you really want. In my mind it makes little sense to stay if your objectives are not being met. </p>

<p>Thor good for you being here. The parents above all have good ideas. It is a tough time of year for students. I bet you are tired,stressed and the parties and non student partiers is a bit much. Consider other UC’s too as sometimes it is easier to transfer and get credit. See your academic advisor about all your options. Take a deep breath, go for a walk around the lagoon or down to the beach. It will work out the way it is supposed to. </p>