Thinking of transferring to BU

<p>I am currently a freshman at Bentley University. Last year when I applied to schools, I knew i wanted to be in Boston. I got in to Northeastern, Bentley, Babson and BU. I accidentally messed up my financial aid application for BU, so i did not recieve any. I eliminated Babson, so that left Bentley and Northeastern. Bentley gave me more financial aid so i decided to come here even though Northeastern was my favorite of all the schools i visited. Now that i’m here, i realize that there is not much social life in Waltham and I really want to be in the city. What would be the ups and downs for transferring to BU or Northeastern? I am unsure what I want to do after college, but I plan to go to grad school and I think want to work in management or with real estate when I graduate. Any and all input is appreciated.</p>