Thinking of Transferring to University of Houston...

I’m currently a freshman bio major/chem minor/pre med student at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio and am considering transferring to the University of Houston for my sophomore year. The reason I’m not transferring next semester is because I know that it’s better to wait your entire freshman year so that you can really decide whether or not you want to transfer.
There are several reasons I’m considering transferring: 1) My dad was working 3 jobs, and now he’s working only one which makes it harder to pay for StMU. I think I’m going to talk to financial aid and see if they have any jobs on campus open for next semester, but I doubt it would help much 2) Houston has better opportunities for pre meds with the TMC being only 10 minutes from campus 3) I thought I wanted a really small school, but being at StMU…it’s a little TOO small sometimes 4) I’m thinking of adding another major/minor that StMU doesn’t offer-dance 5) UH has more variety in organizations for students to join which interests me because I’m currently only in one club at StMU. If I do transfer to UH, I’d definitely be interested in applying to the Honors College!!
That being said, I have reasons holding me back from transferring too: 1) I love the personalized attention I’m able to get from my professors. My bio professor is absolutely amazing and he’s basically my biggest role model right now; I’m planning on taking him for every class he teaches so I’ll have him as my professor up until my junior year 2) My friends. I recently just started forming somewhat of a community on campus. 3) I want to apply to JAMP and I’m very scared that transferring (potential loss of credits, rec letter issues, etc) would make me ineligible to apply. 4) I’m scared that transferring will look bad to med schools/make it hard for me to get rec letters.
I really don’t know what to do. I feel very stuck and thinking about this is seriously stressing me out. If there’s anyone that currently goes/went to UH or StMU, I’d love to hear your thoughts!!