Third North or Rubin?

<p>So I put Hayden as my first choice, but since I'm RD I don't think I have a great chance of getting in (right?) so I'm not sure whether to put 3N or Rubin as my second choice. Right now I have 3N second but I've been having second thoughts</p>

<p>I love the homey feel of Rubin and its location, but 3N is newer and has kitchens etc. Does anyone know anything about these dorms in terms of room size, community, amenities (wifi etc), location, or anything else? Any advice would be very appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>3N is right near St. Marks and it's a little further from campus. Underneath the building, there are two delis and it's across the street from a drugstore and an Asian food store. There is also a dining hall that seems to be liked a little more than Rubin's dining hall. 3N is also the closest freshman dorm to Barney Building, which is the arts building, if you're an art major. There is also a huge computer lab underneath 3N.</p>

<p>Founders is just a nicer third north, third north is the worst location of all of them, seriously. I've grown up here, I know. Founders is just SLIGHTLY better located too</p>

<p>yeah I checked out founders but it had too much of a sanitary hospital-like feel. I'm more into the lived-in feel of like hayden or rubin, which is why I was second guessing third north. Does any one know anything about room sizes of rubin vs. 3N?</p>

<p>mema, Try these two links to see Third North and Rubin rooms. However, keep in mind rooms in these dorms may vary depending on the specific room/ suite you are assigned to.</p>

<p>nyuhousing:</a> Third North photos.</p>

<p>Rubin</a> Hall |</p>

<p>Also, I happen to come upon these two web pages and had no intention of showing a more orderly Rubin vs. Third North. Just use the pics to compare the size and to look at a Third North suite.</p>

<p>yeah I mean I ED'ed so I'm thinking I'll get Hayden. I put Founders next, then Rubin.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the help guys, I really appreciate it. Does anyone know how many rd students are put into Hayden normally? Like does it never happen or do I have a chance?</p>