Third North vs. Lipton Hall

Hello! I’ve been looking at dorms at NYU to plan for next year after I (hopefully) get in. The two that seem to suit me best are Third North and Lipton Hall, but I am not sure which one I should request as my top choice.
I like the apartment style of 3N because I would prefer my own kitchen as I would be cooking most of my own meals, but I’ve heard third north dorm rooms are really small. How small are they? In some pictures it seems like the beds are very close together. This is what pushed me towards Lipton, but I know there’s no kitchen in the dorm there. Does anyone know what the communal kitchen there is like? How big/busy is it usually? Is there anywhere I can find pictures of it. Also, is there an sort of exercise/dance room in Lipton?

Also, how likely is it that you get into the dorm you request?