Third Rec Letter for Cornell

Hi Everyone,

 I was just wondering whether Cornell accepts a third letter of recommendation, such as from a research professor/mentor. On their website I saw that they encourage applicants to limit the number of letters to two, but is there still a way to submit the extra letter to the school? 

 Thanks for the help!

Not following instructions could be a red flag to admissions. It could make you sound like you didn’t pay attention or that you’re entitled (ie above following instructions). Think about how much extra time and work it would take admissions if everyone submitted an extra letter. I wouldn’t do it. You have space in your application and essays to address your research or whatever it is.

At the tour, they stressed not to send more than 2 because they hate it. So you COULD send in 3 but it won’t look good probably just annoying

Thank you for your advice! For this rec letter, it would be from a professor at cornell who I conducted research under. Would this make any difference at all, or would you still recommend me to not send the letter?

If you think it is germane to your application and not just a repeat of your other letters, then go ahead and send it in. But if it’s the same old thing, then I’d refrain,

Unknown to us until after the fact, a former president of Cornell’s alumni association wrote our D a letter (her 3rd). He told us that he chose who he wrote for carefully, but that he had a 100% acceptance rate! So I guess it can not hurt in certain circumstances.

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@csdad was your D aware of that third letter when she applied?

She had originally asked him, but was not sure that he followed through on it (she did not have his email address for common app invite). She had the two from common app & the third he mailed in. Only after she told him she had been accepted did she know for sure that he’d sent his in.

My D didn’t know that they told you specifically not to send extra letters, so had three teacher recs and a supplemental rec from an EC advisor, and was accepted.

S3 has 2 classroom teacher rec and a letter of recommendation for the facility that he volunteered 250 at a local senior center. The superintendent of School offerer as well to write a letter. The guidence counselor was concerned that too many letters were being sent. We sent them all. He was deferred from ED and he sent an additional personal letter of continued interest.for the regular round and ultimately accepted FYSA. Will be starting in Ithaca in January. Cornell class of 2019, Spending the fall taking classes at our local community college that he will receive credit for.

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