Third SAT II?

<p>Hi im an international from asia with GCE A Level background,my question is do i need third SAT II if yes, what should be my third SAT subject?(Physics and Maths are first two)
My A level subjects are: Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Accounts, Economics, Urdu.
Your suggestions are most welcomed!
Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Only one college that requires SAT IIs requires more than two and that is Georgetown which requires three. Northwestern and Johns Hopkins do not require any SAT IIs but "recommend" that you submit three. Thus, unless you are applying to any of those three colleges, you are fine with two SAT IIs. As to what to take as a third, if you decide to take one, it is generally your choice except it has to be different from Physics or another math (e.g., if you take both Math 1 and Math 2, colleges generally count that as only one SAT II).</p>

<p>Georgetown is not the only school that requires 3. Harvard also does.</p>

<p>im thinking of giving US history(although i have never studied the subject)?
any suggestions?</p>

<p>^^The last time I checked, Harvard does not.</p>

<p>dhaaaa, any SATII is fine :). I wouldn't recommend taking the U.S. history test without having studied the subject though... how about literature or a language test? Or world history? I'm suggesting humanity subjects because you already took one in math and one in science, but if you want, you can certainly take another science subject test as well.</p>

<p>Harvard dropped its three requirement and went to two about three months ago.</p>

<p>Are you chinese or korean? Go for the language exam!</p>

<p>no there's no sat test in my language(urdu):(
BTW i want to apply to ivies so do i have to give third SAT II? and am i fine with the no of the subjects.</p>