This forum is dead :/

<p>Nobody's posted here for the last YEAR. Am I really the only CCer interested in Hollins?</p>

<p>damnnnn this really is dead. i saw campus over the summer (did the hollinsummer program) and thought it was really pretty. a few people from my school go there. i applied RD and got accepted, but i also was accepted at my top school (washington and lee) ED so i'm going to W&L instead.
but i think i have a pretty good idea of the academics and social life at hollins (from my friend who's a freshman there) so if anyone happens upon this thread and is interested at all for more information, PM me i guess?</p>

<p>Hollins SUCKS! The school baby's the girls who attend, does not make the students accept responsibilty for anything (unless you're one of the adult students and then professors treat you like *<strong><em>.) The girls there think if they speak their opinion the whole world will listen to them. That's a nice thing to dream about but in reality nobody gives a *</em></strong>. It's nicnamed the 'dyke factory' for good reason. Most girls go in there straight and come out crooked. Hollins will suck every cent it can get out of your pocket. It's an outrages price to pay for a university that's not even in the top tier. Graduates find it nearly impossible to find a job regardless of all the "life and career" skills the school prides itself on teaching. It does not prepare you for the real world. The only school that sucks worse is Radford University because you don't even need a SAT to get in, they'll take any dumbass on earth. Save your money, go to a real college.</p>

<p>Well that's two opinions.</p>

<p>Wow that sounds a bit harsh.</p>