This has to be a screw up...right?

<p>I got an e-mail from the university of Chicago indicating that they were somewhat interested in me (got my info from college board), and that I was somehow qualified to be in the mix at the school. The only problem is that, at least as far as numbers go, I am extremely under qualified for the University. My unweighted GPA is 3.48 (3.80 Weighted), my SAT score is 1820. The only thing I can think of that would even remotely put me in the mix are my AP scores, I am an AP scholar with honor, But even so I think averaging a 3.75, and even taking the 7 APs I will have taken by next year, is a bit low for the school. (my four so far are AP Euro 4, APUSH 4, AP Psych 4, AP Lang 3). This e-mail was a screw up....right?</p>

<p>Yeah they send that to everybody.</p>

<p>Some colleges send e-mails to plenty of students they wouldn't even consider. The Ivy league is notorious for this, and U-Chicago has been using this policy in the last few years as well. The point is to increase the number of rejects and thus decrease the admissions rate, which is often a criteria in college rankings.</p>

<p>I wonder what our friends at UChicago were smoking. haha jk....Well odds are you have some kind of hook, (like playing sports, URM, etc.) and they are interested in you. You should call them to verify the email. And I wasn't familiar that they sent emails. My cousin made a 2390 on the SAT and 800's on MathII and Spanish with listening; he got rejected. I have no idea how they're into you unless there's something you forgot to include.</p>

<p>I am a very good journalist at my school. but I have NO idea how they would have access to my school paper.</p>

<p>and when I mean very good, I mean of the 5 most important stories of the year, I probably wrote four of them, at least 3.</p>

<p>That's really irrelevant. They won't spend the time looking at you unless you applied. What you got was a completely useless generic e-mail. Don't be fooled.</p>

<p>its def just to increase the number of applicants. schools that i couldnt get into and schools that rejected me sent me stuff.</p>

<p>I got a similar e-mail. Did you add UChicago to your list of schools on the collegeboard website? They probably send it out to anyone who does. You showed interest in them first; so now they're trying to lure you in by showing some (albeit generic) interest in return.</p>



<p>There we go, apply to NU Medill Journalism. Applying to the best journalism school in the nation doesn't hurt.</p>

<p>It's a mass email tactic. Do not be naive in thinking that it means anything more than a marketing strategy.</p>

<p>It means you took the psat.</p>

<p>It's generic. You will be playing right into their hands if you apply based on that email.</p>