This is a chance thread. Regular decision. Hi.

<p>Male Asian-American, current senior. Hi guys.</p>

<p>Standardized Test Scores:
SAT 2350 (1550)
- Math II 790
- Chemistry 710
- US History 730
Language 5
US History 5
Chemistry 3</p>

UW GPA: 3.71
Top decile of class (no class rank)
Fairly competitive high school, 20 APs offered and sends ~5-10 students to Ivies per year</p>

Marching Band
~ Aside from the team championships, here are the solo awards
- Best Drum Major in South Jersey in Group 2, TOB Circuit
- Best Drum Major in Northeast Coast in Group 2, TOB Circuit
- Personally praised by judge for my conducting which was "mesmerizing and intense" and "the best she has ever seen in 10+ years"
- Best soloist and section leader (awarded in band banquet)
~ Positions:
- Drum Major, Vice President (12th)
- Assistant Drum Major, Section Leader, Soloist (11th)
- Alto saxophonist, occasional baritone saxophonist</p>

<p>Indoor Drumline
2011 TOB Scholastic Novice Percussion Prelims – Third place
2011 TOB Scholastic Novice Percussion Finals – Third place
Played marimba junior year, playing snare drum this year.</p>

<p>Miscellaneous Musical Activities
Able to play the following instruments: Four types of saxophones, clarinet, guitar, bass, drums, marimba
Live performances: paid shows, church shows, school concerts, Chinese New Year festivals, etc.
Senior year: Auditioning for All-South Jersey Symphonic Band, Olympic Conference Symphonic Band, Rowan Youth Orchestra, and Penn Honors High School Band
Able to recognize musical notes in certain patterns (relative pitch)</p>

<p>Biomedical Research:
~University of Pennsylvania Environmental Medicine Lab Research
-Attended during summers of 2008 and 2010
-Praised for work ethic and knowledge by UPenn professor Dr. Sheldon Feinstein</p>

<p>~University of Pennsylvania Biomedical Research Academy
-Studied in college-level lectures about various fields of Biology
- Participated in a journal club of ten students about stem cell research and its potential in the future
-Learned about advanced lab techniques commonly used in modern day scientific research</p>

<p>Misc. Student Activities
~Science League/Science Olympiad
- Science League: represented high school for three years on exam competitions
- Science Olympiad: Two-year alternate
~ DECA: Placed in top 5 in NJ DECA Regionals, finalist in NJ DECA States
-Won several awards for role plays in the Food Marketing category: 1 in Regionals (first place), 2 in States
~ Intermural Basketball
- Reserve/starting forward for most teams</p>

~Volunteered in HuaXia Chinese School, a school devoted to teaching children how to speak Mandarin.
-Also helped teach elective classes that were offered in the school (ex. Chess, for young children, and music classes)
~ School blood drive
- Participated in several school blood drives (organizing and donating)
~ Interact Club</p>

<p>Recommendations: IDK. Never read them. Should be good to fantastic though.
Essays: I've turned into a great writer, but we'll see.
- Common App essays: 1000 character essay was about marching band and how I evolved from the quietest person in the world to a fierce leader who endlessly works for his band. 500 word essay was about my journey in losing 70 pounds throughout early high school.</p>

<p>Chances? I know the GPA is low for Duke.</p>

<p>Applying to Trinity... should have said that. How awkward</p>

<p>Your extras seem pretty good and your scores are also okay. Did you produce any papers/posters or anything at Penn? Has the research been something you've done all through high school or just to get a taste for it? (like me) Otherwise with a better GPA I would say you have a pretty solid chance. If anything you might need more leadership or something but you seem relatively well-rounded. I would say you have a decent chance but it's really arbitrary, so I would say about 60% chance of getting in. </p>

<p>can you chance me back please?
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<p>You seem really strong to me. If you were applying to Prstt (more numbers and research oriented from what I've heard) I'd definitely think you are in, but you are probs in at Trinity as well</p>